Monday, February 2, 2009

Life is priceless. It can never be bought. Life is precious. It can never be replaced but it can be extended. Continuous research is being done in the field of medical science. Scientist are testing, analyzing, and inventing ways to cure diseases that are, at the moment, incurable. What is the latest in this aspect? Stem Cells technology. Stem cells are the beginnings of human life. It has been found to help in the quest to cure degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. They have the ability to develop into different cell types that continue to grow to repair and replenish our damaged or diseased cells. The extractions of adult stem cells were from bone marrow, adult peripheral blood and umbilical cord blood at birth. These methods proved to be quite limiting in some aspects. Extraction from 4-5 days old human embryos is a highly controversial process. However, there is a technology to harvest stem cell now.

C'elle research shows that menstrual fluid stem cells can be easily collected, processed then cryo-preserved for potential cellular therapies that may be viable in the future by using C'elle. I did a little research and I was truly amazed on the possibilities. I could actually preserve my stem cells for future therapeutic use. Know more about C’elle visit the website and browse on C'Elle Testimonials What better way to invest in your future - health wise? Order C'elle Now and avail of a $200 discount.
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