Friday, February 6, 2009

My first grade year was spent "obsessing" with Roger. However, there was a boy in class who can't take his eyes off me too. Well, of course I didn't know at the time that Jay had a crush on me. We were the class A-1 students. A-1 is not about being the top in academics. A-1 has something to do with being the healthiest students in class. In the 60's, healthy meant "chubby". Yes. I was the chubbiest (and the cutest) girl in our grade-one-section-one class while Jay was fat, not chubby. I remember him looking at me with basset-hound eyes. Always. He was always in my peripheral - during class discussion, seatwork time, recess, etc.

At first, I was not irritated because I had no idea that he had a crush on me. The moment I found out though, I was annoyed. Even more so when Roger started teasing me about it! Roger! The love of my grade one year! What was I to do? I was 6.5 years old and was completely lacking in experience! Mothers were of no help then. It was unthinkable for a 6 year old girl to have a "heart" dilemma. Yes. I started young. I just let it go when moms today say that their kids are so emotionally advance because they have crushes in kindergarten. Big deal. I had a love triangle at age 6.

In grade two, Jay transferred to a private school. Problem solved. There were times that I saw him lurking about the school ground, probably looking for me. After more than 30 years I had the chance to see Jay in our elementary batch reunion. He said that he was an honorary guest. That was in 2005. The following year Jay succumbed to a heart failure.
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/06/2009 09:47:00 AM 6 comments


  1. young love, sweet love! XD

  2. That is a lovely story that should touch everyone's heart. So easy to identify with a story like this.
    It is really weird to get older and see that so many old friends did not make into their thirties or forties, or fifties.

    Memories are a wonderful thing, I think.

  3. @ eMz" lol. puppy love!

    @ makoy: noted. tell me when i've to give my "donation".

    @ suzanne: memories make us. =)

  4. Chapter 2...

    Love triangle in grade that IS something!!! Hahaha

    Waiting for Chapter 3...


  5. saklap naman nangyari kay jay. reading your stories made me want to remember my first crush...and guess what, i can't remember.


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