Monday, February 9, 2009

In grade five I met Delfin. He was a transferee from a parochial school. Students from the said school felt superior to us public school-ers. What the heck? - we public school toughies used to say. Delfin had a hard time fitting in at first. There were some talk (from our section 5-1) that he transferred school due to pressing economic crunch suffered by his family.

Delfin was dark and dusky. Talk was that his father was a hunter and that Delfin occasionally tagged along, thus, his dark complexion. He was smart too. While I struggled with the dang universal, finite and infinite sets, Delfin was breezing through it. He can also, sing, declaim and scrub the floor best when assigned as homeroom cleaners. (Yes. Public school-ers were mandated to clean their classrooms, which I never did because my Tiya Liling was the school principal.) Anyway, Delfin was just a passing fancy. He was new in school and I was curious. I was then more mesmerized by an older boy, a grade six student, Eliezer.
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  1. Ugh! I wrote a comment kaso nawala....

    Anyway, here for my dose of your 'love story fest'....hehehe....

    Now I can't wait to read about "Eliezer"....

    Btw, oo nga sa public school may cleaners na assigned at the end of the day noh? Ngayon kaya meron pa nun?


  2. @ huling: yes, yata. required pa yata ang cleaners and required din mga pupils to buy the teacher's kakanin and chichira she's selling at recess time. lol. no kidding.

  3. about the cleaners, I studied at an exclusive school (province) and from elementary to highschool we have cleaners every after school- floorwax and all.

    To get back at our adviser for making us clean overtime, we waxed the flatform so well that her heels would often slip when she tries to walk when she talks. lol.

  4. talaga namang very nostalgic ang mga kwento. hehe!

    pero pinaglilinis din kami nun sa st. scho (in solidarity with the poor daw and idea nun).

  5. In Montessori de Oro, we also have cleaners, different groups assigned everyday. In fact we have cleaning committee chairman as one of the classroom posts...

    Hope to hear more about the dark boy though...

  6. @ RENZ, what one group did was make the doorway floor too shiny in the hope that our terror teachers would slip when they enter the class... ahahaha...

    eventually, "Tigris Euprates" (our nightmare teacher)almost slipped...

  7. @dharlz
    The whole class was sanctioned for making the flatform shiny! tsk tsk.

  8. naku, i went to an all-girls catholic school and we also took turns cleaning the classroom. masyado mahihigpit at malulupit ang mga madre na yan. tuloy nagrebelde ang lola mo at di pa tinapos ang high school, may laman na ang tiyan=)

    Intriguing yan Eliezer na yan ha=)

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  9. renz; dharlz: lol grabwe naman kayo! kakatawa ang mga kalokohan nyo. baka mamaya nag ba-bloghop yong mga x-teachers nyo e mabasa pa mga confessions nyo.

    @ cherry: champion ang rebelde mo. bow.

    @ eMz: do not read the comments here. these commentors are "bad, bad girls"...

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