Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When boys ages 10-11 were sporting bowl cuts, Eliezer's hair was longer than most, parted at one side and neatly finished at the edges. He was 12 or 13 years old but was in grade five. According to the grapevine, he failed one level and had to repeat it. At my young age of 10, Eliezer's 12-13 year old's antics were more sophisticated and mature than my 10-11 year old boy classmates.

I was invisible to Eliezer. In grade 5, I was chubby and awkward. Surely, a heart throb like Eliezer was beyond my reach. Of course I was so young and didn't know any better. Every batch, whether in college or high school and even in grammar or elementary level, had its own resident vamp or tramp or bitch. In our grade 5 batch it was Nerida. She and Eliezer were an item - the heart throb and the vamp. There was no way Eliezer would notice little-chubby me. However, an opportunity was presented. The school decided that it wanted to put up a Rondalla group. Good for me. I excel in playing the banduria as my papa taught me well. I joined the group and lo and behold! The tramp and throb joined too. Nerida played the laud while Eliezer the guitar. Okay now. Nerida sucked, big time! I was better in playing the banduria and Eliezer gravitated to me if only to play his C's, D's, and whatever chords as accompaniment to my melodious banduria.

For the next couple of months, everything went fine. We were busy practicing for we were supposed to play at the local town's first air-conditioned cinema's opening. I was really minding my own business - playing my banduria. Then one Saturday after practice Nerida approached me and challenged me to a "duel". What the heck? Whatever for? It seemed that Eliezer broke off with her and the vamp thought that I snatched her boy friend. (Nuh-uh! I have not mastered the skill. That would come years later!)

I thought long and hard while the remaining rondalla members were jeering/cheering "suntukan na! suntukan na!"* I didn't like Nerida. She was trashy and flashy. She was also several inches taller than me. Do I fight her? Maybe I could use Karate to crack open her skull or split the lip of the batch bitch. But my father told me not to use Karate for meaningless fights. Umm... what will happen if I do fight her then lose? Does Eliezer merit me fighting for him? Do I even like him now that I found that he has bad breath? What will my parents say (both dentists) if I come home bloodied and scratched all because of someone with bad breath?

"Excuse me, Nerida. If your ex left you, it's because of your rotten personality. Why should I fight you? I don't want to get dirty."

Nerida made a dash for me but I was quicker. I was holding a baton in one hand and boinked her hear with it.

"Touch me and I make sure the principal hears of it. She is after all, my aunt."

I packed my banduria, looked haughtily at her and left. I started out slowly at first then progressively speeded up. The bitch might change her mind and come after me. She didn't. Eventually, we ended up acknowledging each other but we never became friends. Eliezer? I have not seen him since 1969.

Lesson learned: A boy is not worth fighting for, specially one with bad breath.

* fist fight! fist fight!
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/10/2009 09:58:00 PM 10 comments


  1. Hahaha....tama ka...not worth fighting for...bad breath and all....hehehe...

    How about that Nerida? Have you seen her once you're all grown up?


  2. @ huling: nerida was a 'dayo' in taytay. i think she was really from marikina. nope. i have not seen her since too.

  3. this series takes care of my telenovela fix! hehe!

    and yes - it doesn't matter how good-looking someone is, if he's got bad breath, then no thanks. hahaha!

  4. hay naku, no man is worth the fight...sa totoo lang o di ko pa sya nakikilala =)

  5. Kamusta na? Nawawala ka ata sa ere? Na mi miss ko yung 'love story saga' eh.....hehehe...

    Seriously, I hope that everything is well....


  6. hmmm, nagtataka din ako, wala kang post ngayon, samantalang c Huling, on-the roll hehe

  7. oo nga lena, where are you na? hope you're not sick or anything...

  8. hi again, i have a tag waiting for you here.


  9. @ huling: present na po. tnx for asking.

    @ wena: busy!

    @ cherry: tnx for the tag. i read your shopaholic post. winner! had no time to join myself. i only remembered about it when i dropped ec in your site. si mike hindi rin sumali. ewan ko lang si emz.

    @ emz: sumali ka ba sa shopaholic?

  10. hay naku, hope i win. nakita ko yun sa iba, mga detalyado talaga. tamad ako magtake ng pics kaya wala na details.

    sumali si emz. i like her entry. it's witty. =)


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