Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He was my desk mate in grade 6. He was quiet.Had flawless complexion. Quite cute. And he knew I had a crush on him. Drat! He was a total snob. I guess his egotistical inclination pushed him to snob my chubby (and fugly) self. See the picture on your left. This was how I looked in grade 6. I was such a fatty! When girls in my batch were "blossoming" I was still the fat-ugly-duckling and will continue to be one until my junior year in high school.

This was how Wency looked. He looked like Lance Kerwin, the 70's teen star of James at 15.

I went to a different high school than the rest of my elementary batch. My mother enrolled me in a all-girls high school.She wanted me to learn the finer things in life and thought that an all-girls school was the answer. I lost touch with most of my elementary batch mates, Wency included. For the next 3-4 years, I used to hang out in my maternal grandparents' niche at the municipal cemetery on All Saint's day hoping to have a glimpse of Wency as their family's niche can be seen from ours. Talk about desperation! Years went by and Wency took a back seat... way, way back. I finished high school. Lost about 30 pounds of baby fat. Entered college. Experienced my first heart break. Etc.Etc.Etc.

In the late 70's my cousin put up a bake shop. I was its 'guest' cake decorator on occasions. I was in the process of doing one cake when the baker barked that the customer was already waiting. I said just a few more minutes then hurriedly put the finishing touches on the cake and put it in its box. Okay. The help was nowhere to be found so I dutifully scooped up the box and went to the waiting customer.

Lo and behold! It was Wency! Gorgeously-good-looking Wency! He was shocked to see me too. There I was, 30 pounds lighter, wearing short-shorts and a mid-riff top.

"Ah...hi!" Wency said

"Hi! I didn't know the cake was yours."

"It's for my sister. She ordered it. I was just asked to pick it up."

"Oh!, I hope you like it." said I, sounding vague and stupid.

"I like it... very much", he answered while all along looking at my face.

I looked at his eyes too and then deliberately gave him the box of cake. He took the box from me and in the process caressed both my hands.

"Where do you work?" asked he.

"In an Architectural firm in Makati', I answered. "What about you?"

"I'm a car salesman of Signet. I was not able to finish college as I dropped out. Can I fetch you from your office this coming Monday?"

Ummm... I thought long and hard. At that time frame, I had three suitors. One was an architect. The other one was an architect too. The third one was a businessman. I thought about Wency. Snobbish SOB in elementary. College dropout. Car salesman. Gorgeous.

"Oh I don't think so. My boyfriend would not like it", I answered even if I didn't have a boyfriend that time.

He still made numerous overtures but nothing came out of it. I was just not interested. Years later, our elementary batch had a reunion. He was present and I learned that he has five kids and a common-law wife. Wency still sell cars and insurance.
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  1. name pa lang mukang gwapo at isnabero na...

    grabe, natakot naman ako sa comment mo sa post ko. nag-isip ako kung i-publish ko ba...baka marami magreact...no. 1 taray ka talaga. =)

    thanks ha=)

    so, go ko ba? hehe

  2. Hah! Kala ni Wency ha.. :)

  3. i like this post, i remember my highschool days when I had a deep crush with a classmate, who's also a snob!
    btw, you write so well! i finished the post. :)

  4. "wearing short-shorts and a mid-riff top."....


    and that's all I can say....hahaha....


  5. @ cherry: taray ba?! huwag mo na go.baka pati ikaw madamay sa katarayan ko.

    @ renz: hmp! kala nya talaga!

    @ elizabeth: crushes do have the tendency to be snobs. thanks for the compliment.

    @ huling: o di ba ang taray ng lola mo! lol

  6. panalo ka sister!

    i had fun reading your post :)

  7. naku, ok lang ako. mas worried ako sayo at baka pati ikaw eh madamay sa sourgraping ko.=)

    alam mo ba kalokahan ko? nagsubmit ako ng ticket sa nuffnang asking their criteria for the contest...if wrong grammar is one of the criteria? tingnan ko lang kung magreply. i can't let go...asar na nga ako eh...

  8. @ cherry: walang sasagot sa question mo. pati mga nuffnangers hindi sasagot. lol... mya puntahan ko yong site. i've to log off for now... duty calls....

  9. lena & cherry:

    oo walang sasagot dyan sa ticket, kse sa malaysia mapupunta yung enquiry (i think). pero ako rin sourgraping -- ano ba yun, first come first served?? yung mga nauna magsubmit kse yata yung mga nakuha.

    anywayyyyyy, winner ang short shorts at midriff ni ms lena! ako nga di makasuot nun kse magmumukha lang akong naglalakad na balakang! hahaha

  10. @ eMz: o di ba?! if i wear the short shorts and midriff now - there'll be a stampede - to get a way from me.

    no more sour graping. mag sweet lemon naman kayo. ex: "wow! ang galing mo naman magsulat. mali-mali na grammar hindi pa rin halata."

    i think it was a matter of which post has the greatest number or peechurs and avp and the likes. never mind the content.

  11. @ shiela: lol. i can't decide if i should go on with my stories... baka the guys i mentioned are web surfers too.

  12. Oo nga...pano kung mga bloggers din pala yung mga nakaraan mo? Hmmm....i google ang mga pangalan...hehehe...

    Oo nga at dagdagan ang panalangin. Grabe ang economic tse tse bureche na to....kaka nerbyos.

    Btw, hanggang ngayon pa iba iba ang isip ko kuing alin sa 2 ang pipiliin ko ['ya know yung pinag usapan natin sa email]....kasi puro tig singkwenta ang offer. At least yung isa kahit tig lima lang di na kailangan mag isip]....hay kahirap mag desisyon.

    Kaw ba nakapili na?


  13. @ huling: hindi pa nga eh. ka-barat nag nung isa bago ako maka limang piso tulo na pawis ko. yong isa naman, last week pa ko no work. hindi ko nga alam kung bakit.

    i can't decide eh. pero malamang dun ako sa tig lima.


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