Thursday, August 5, 2010

How does health insurance policy works? Well, mine works this way. I pay for the policy on a yearly basis and because I am tagged as one of the employees of the company. The premium is quite low and therefore very affordable. The policy though has a limit pertaining to the hospitalization and laboratory fees. You can also have free consultations with affiliate doctors. Fine! No problem. What irks me though is that I need to get a letter of authorization from the insurance company for any consult or lab work done. What really pisses me off is the fact that the non-medical person who assesses your request is ah.. dumb.

"Ma'm, why do you need a carotid doppler test?"

"Because as you can see, that's what my doctor requested."

"Ma'm this test is not related to your ailment."

"Who said so? You?! I have cervical spondylosis and I need that test to see if there are plaques and whatnots in my arteries!"

Silence as I count one to three so as not to head-but the girl. This is what I get for getting a cheap health insurance. There's probably nothing wrong in getting cheap insurance on cars but with health insurance I don't know.

"Ma'm what are you feeling right now?" asked the non-medical person who was assessing my request.

"I am feeling quite pissed-off actually." I answered.

I got my request.
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/05/2010 06:38:00 AM 2 comments


  1. Naku...nanggigil ako while reading this. Why? Because it's the same crap our health insurance did to me when I had a CT scan for my eye. They keep denying the claim dahil hindi daw related sa sakit ko. It was ordered by the doctor to rule out growth behind the eye! Mga buset sila! We pay $500/mo. Isang araw na late ang bayad eh di na sila mapalagay pero pagdating sa claim ang bagal nila.

    Hay! Obvious ba na asar ako.....

    Yun lang!



  2. @ huling: baka mag-pinsan yong may ari ng mga hmo natin! lol. grabe talaga. pahirapan ang pag kuha ng request pero pag bayaran na ng premium kandarapa sila sa pag singil.

    naka post na yata picture ko sa mga offices ng health care card ko e. nakalagay... huwag papasukin... ubod ng taray!


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