Thursday, August 26, 2010

The terrible hostage-taking incident that happened in Manila is indeed a tragedy. It was a tragedy to the victims who lost their lives. It was a heartbreaking experience to the family of those who were taken hostage. It was a tragedy and a shameful experience for the family of the hostage-taker, dismissed policeman Rolando Mendoza.

The negotiations were in motion attested by the fact that an elderly couple and a mom with two kids and another 12-year old, were released.

Everything would have been fine if only the Office of the Ombudsman met his demands - to review his case and to reinstate him as a policeman. That assurance would have led to the end of the crisis. Mendoza could have been reinstated as a policeman and then could have been later arrested for hostage-taking. A promise done in duress is not expected to be honored.

The media played an important part in the fiasco. The coverage was in real-time and since the hostage-bus was equipped with a radio and television, Mendoza was up-to-date to the going-ons around him. Gosh!

Finally the SWAT team came and "tried" to assault the bus based on what the escaped-driver of the bus said - that everyone on the bus was dead. Sad to say, the SWAT team was not equipped and trained to handle the situation. It was pathetic watching the "rescue" operation. It was sad that tourists had to die.It was shameful for the Filipinos to be put in this light.

If only demands were met earlier. If only the media had a news blackout. If only they did not bring in the brother of the Mendoza into the scene.If only the SWAT team was more equipped and trained. Why didn't they bring in the military SWAT team? Were egos at play here too?

SWAT has taken on a new meaning. Last I heard it meant Sorry Wala Akong Training (sorry, I have no training).
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/26/2010 07:02:00 AM 2 comments


  1. Watching the footage actually gave me a headache. It was just too awful. :(

  2. This is really a sad story.


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