Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yesterday, Ethan's teacher called at around 10:00 A.M. informing me that Ethan has a fever of 38.5 Celsius. I was in therapy that time so I asked hubby to pick Ethan up. When I came home Ethan's fever was 39.3 Celsius! He said he has a headache and then he vomited not once, not twice but thrice! I called his mommy and she told me what I already know- sponge bath, paracetamol, ibuprofen and hydrite.

I had Ethan' urine examined as my daughter wanted to rule out urinary tract infection. The urinalysis was fine. There were no outward signs of bacterial infection too. I suspect that the "culprit" was the super-duper orange-colored french fries he ate at the mall the night prior to his being sick.

When my kids were growing up, junk food was a 'NO-NO'. Of course they had their share of junk food on occasions but I was more focused on giving them healthy options. I was an advocate of milk. It was mandatory for my kids to drink a glass of milk in the morning before they go to school. It was hard weaning D2, D4 and my son from their bottles that they brought along their bottled milk in the car going to school during their preschool years. Night time was optional milk-time but not for my son who at the age of 20 still drinks milk. My daughters stopped drinking milk when they were in their late teens but they still use a lot of milk for their cereals and mashed potatoes.

Ethan's diet is quite erratic. His mommy, aunts and uncle (my kids) all spoiled him when it comes to food. Ethan has been exposed to a lot of junk food and may I add that he has acquired a "taste" for junk food. I try to minimize his intake of junk though. He still drinks a glass of milk in the morning and takes vitamin and mineral supplements. There is no way Ethan could get all the necessary essential vitamins daily based on the food that he eats so, I give him multi-vitamins and vitamin C. My advice for mommies out there is before you buy vitamins for your kids, read the label and don't get swayed into buying one because of the hype.

Giving kids proper nutrition will not only help them develop physically but mentally as well. A malnourished child can't do well in school as his brain development is also affected. Note though that "malnourished" here does not mean skinny child for a chubby child can still be malnourished.

I tend to buy a lot of cereals so Ethan and my grown-up kids can have their fill of milk I must have done something right regarding their nutrition during my kids' formative years for they are all quite tall than the average Filipino. They're mental abilities were also developed as they all did well in school. Genes play an integral part too in the physical and intellectual development of kids. Intellectual environment also plays a great role for developing great minds.

However, ensuring that you give your child proper nutrition especially between the ages of 4-8 would ensure a healthy, lively and intelligent child.

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