Thursday, August 12, 2010

D2 was sick last week. She had a slight fever coupled with cough and colds. It's that time of the year again - hot and humid one minute then a torrent of rain later - a sure way of getting sick! I texted D1 and asked her what meds to buy for D2. She said Neozep Forte and Solmux capsule. I dropped by the drugstore to buy the meds for D2. As I was waiting for my turn to be served I smiled thinking of D1's prescription. Neozep and Solmux are brands that I have been using since before and now that D1's an MD, they are her choices too.

I grew up on branded drugs. When my kids where growing up, their pediatrician was very particular with the brand of medicines she prescribed too. Then this generic thingy option came out and for a time I was glad I had an option.

I have nothing against generic drugs. It is an option for those who cannot afford super expensive drugs manufactured by multinational pharmaceutical companies. In a sense, generic drugs are better than "nothing". For a time. I was keen on generic drugs because they are cheaper and was under the impression that they are as good as the branded ones. It is a fact that generic drugs are "copies" of branded drugs and therefore should have exactly the same dosage, effects, side-effects, risks, route administration and strength as the branded and original one. Great!

Why is it then that the generic 500 mg mefenamic acid does nothing to alleviate my headache? Why is it that the when my son had some bacterial infection and I gave him generic cefalexin, I had to switch to a branded one after three days for there was no change in his condition?

I still had faith in generic drugs so I continued to patronize them but not after the Ethan incident.

Ethan needed cloxacillin for his booboo. I bought the cheap generic ones and he broke out in hives for days that I spent so much more in consults with the dermatologist and subsequent anti-allergy meds.

Lesson learned:


Every mommy should learn to be more discerning when buying medicines and other health supplements for their family. It will not hurt to ask pertinent questions concerning medications that they need to buy. One thing I know now that there are branded names that have median prices and are more affordable.

Be a concerned and discerning mommy.
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/12/2010 07:50:00 PM 2 comments


  1. yes, I noticed that too, it's faster to recover from sickness with branded medicine than generics.

  2. @ josie: yes that's true so i wonder why the BFAD is no looking into it.


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