Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am really worried about Ethan. One morning on the way to school he suddenly said that his tongue is tingling. Kids being kids, and me being me (busy and harass) let that go. I just asked "what do you mean tingling?" I dropped him off at school, went home, got busy and more harassed, then went back to pick him up.

It was reading therapy day so we proceeded to the place. Not five minutes into the lesson, Ethan came out and told me that his tongue is still tingling and it seems like its falling off. What the heck that does mean? How can one feel that his tongue is falling off?!

So I canceled Ethan's session and took him to the ER of the hospital where his mommy works. D1 met us at the ER then took Ethan to the pedia ER. D3 and D4 also dropped by the ER when they heard what happened.

After consult, the two pedias on duty can't seem to find anything wrong with Ethan. I was thinking of something neurological-related but his movements and speech were fine. The doctors said it might be a lack of vitamin B complex. It might be that the one a day vitamin that Ethan's taking does not have the right amount of B complex for him.

D3, D4, Ethan and I went home. We dropped by McDonald's first to eat. Ethan seemed fine. When I asked him if his tongue is still tingling, he said "no" as long as he is eating. I bought a B-complex vitamins for Ethan.
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