Saturday, August 9, 2008

There are times when no words can describe how one feels. Watching the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony was one of the few occasions that I was at a lost for words. The work and planning that went with the presentation must have been a real Herculean effort. Who conceptualized it? Who were the choreographers? Who made the costumes and props? How did they do the scroll bit? Never mind. I don't need to know. Suffice it to say that the Opening Ceremony left me in awe.

The Opening Ceremony told of China's wonderful past and it's contribution to the world. It was presented in terms of art performances such as opera, choreographed movements, music, acrobatic and flying acts and martial arts. There were thousands of cast members all beautifully synchronized. One of my favorites as the movable type printing number. I thought the blocks were computerized for the perfection was (I thought) not humanly possible. Was I wrong.

Artists under the blocks

There were explosions of highly-coordinated fireworks display at every interval that must have left the Beijing air more populated. But hey! What the heck! The air will clear but the impression left by the display will forever be etched in the viewers' minds. The LED dancers when pianist Lang-Lang was playing, was one of my favorites too.

Acrobats create Bird's Nest using their bodies

The 2,008 was a magical number for the opening ceremony as there were 2,008 drummers, 2,008 taiji performers, 2008 smiling faces (umbrellas), in short, sequences calling for a large cast were set at 2,008 participants. The taiji performance was my favorite too.

Taiji Performers in perfection

As the partipating countries were called I started to get sleepy. I was still waiting for the lighting of the Olympic torch. I just had to see how the Chinese will do it. The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona torch lighting was still tops for me. Great Chinese athletes did about 5 torch exchanges before the final torch went to a 1984 Olympics gold gymnastics medalist, Li Ning. How will Li Ning light the torch as he was on stage and the Olympic torch was way above the roof of the gymnasium.

Li Ning was lifted up...

He then ran effortlessly along the 500-meter-long brim of the Bird's Nest....

and reached the gigantic torch, which he then ignited using the flame from his torch

Wow! Move over 1992 Barcelona-Olympics-Archer-who-lighted-the torch... Li Ning is tops!
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/09/2008 09:25:00 AM 3 comments


  1. sayang, i wasn't able to watch it. i lost track of the time. i kept on switching from cnn to bbc but they didn't show the replay. i'll try you tube.

  2. I watched it all and was totally amazed and excited.

  3. sheng: it's not too late. i'm sure there'll be re-runs or you can try youtube.

    renee: yes, the concept and performance was exceptional.


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