Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My I have been smoke-free widget says I have been without a smoke for 257 days and 2 hours, saving me some $257.12 and 5,142 cigarettes avoided. Oh My Gosh!!! It just hit me that I more or less consume 11,000 sticks of cigarettes a year! That's a lot! No wonder I developed chronic cough, congested chest, melasma and fine wrinkles on my face, a general darkening of my facial complexion, diminished lung capacity, a voice quality that progressively went down from lyric soprano to alto and... a smoker's stinking breath!

Boy! Am I glad I quit smoking. My daughters tell me that my face has regained its fairness. The melasma is gone. The wrinkles diminished. I can once again sing. I smell good too. The congested chest and chronic cough lone gone. For you out there who still smokes, consider quitting.

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Posted by desperateblogger On 7/08/2008 03:25:00 PM 4 comments


  1. Haha :) Tinamaan ako sa "smoke-free" widget ah, but I don't know. I think it'll take more than a thousand widgets of the same kind to make me finally quit smoking. I tried. I always try to quit. But damn I just can't. I'm helpless, although sometimes I must admit I get some pleasure from doing this vice of mine.

  2. Congrats on that! I used to puff away as well although mine was more of an outlet kasi I would only do it when I was stressed out. I could go on months without doing it...tapos when I hit a road block nag umpisa na naman. I finally gave up in '98 and never looked back...which is a good thing kasi my husband hates to mingle with smokers. He used to be one din...then his Dad had lung cancer. It woke up him up so he quit.

    Hay layf....tapos na pala the tag...sa Teacher's Corner ko nilagay kasi I needed interim...hehe.

  3. herson, quitting is a state of mind. once your mind has processed the idea and has weighed the pros and cons, it will either be quit or not quit.

    in my case, i was physically feeling the toll of smoking so fro 2-3 months the idea was in the process. one night i said this is my last stick then i threw all my lighters and cigarette packs.

    i gained 10 lbs. and i'm dieting now!

  4. huling! who have thought that you know how to smoke!!! looks are deceiving! my hubby naman had angioplasty - na heart attack sa damim ng barang taba and nicotine


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