Friday, July 25, 2008

Due to the escalating prices of gas and other basic utilities and commodities, my husband has declared that air conditioner units (ACU) will no longer be turned on as if we are the Lopezes (Manila Electric Company major stock holders). All my kids complained as they have gotten used to turning on the air-conditioner units the moment they arrive home. Of course, I am irritated too. Why? First, I too prefer cool rooms where I need not sweat. Second, because my kids are suffering from the heat! I hate it when my kids are uncomfortable. For moms out there, I know that you know what I mean.

There is now an ongoing cold war between my kids and their dad. In order to pacify everyone, I did not really (only slightly) say on whose side I am on. I explained that we just have to adjust to the ACUs being on only at bedtime. No one is happy with the set up. Ethan (the 24/7 ACU user) complained that he is melting. Daughter # 2 said her asthma has acted up. Daughter #3 and #4 had thought of paying for their own energy consumption. For the past week the two had logged in their ACU usage. The log is actually posted on their door where their dad can see it - which he cannot for he refuses to wear corrective lenses. My son is not greatly affected for he only comes home on weekends, likewise daughter #1.

So, now, after a week of suffering from heat, did my husband actually saved money? I think so for there was definitely a marked drop in the ACU usage. But wait! Did I actually saved money in this no-ACU-usage-till-bedtime ploy? I certainly did not! Ethan got sick with cough and cold. Electric fan induced air does not suit him. The intensity of the cough forced me to buy a new nebulizer- for the old one conked out- which cost me 3,000 Php plus another 1,000 Php for meds. I had to buy two new electric fans at 1,300 Php. I now have watery eyes and itchy throat. I am about to get sick, for like Ethan,I have very low tolerance to the air turbulence created by an electric fan.

Someone... please turn on the air conditioner.

Posted by desperateblogger On 7/25/2008 07:04:00 PM 3 comments


  1. I also have problems with fans. My allergy acts up really bad when the fan is on. My husband on the other hand is the eskimo in this house. Ako nanginginig pag over 75 ang A/ he has to turn the fan on pag hindi I just leave the A/C at 75 and wear my mumu...

    Wawa naman you kasi you're affected the most....ang laking gastos naman. Siguro your H can reimburse some of that? Just a thought...hehe.

    I won't even ask you: howdy? kasi alam ko na basing it on this entry....

    Happy weekend? [docking down here kasi baka batuhin ako ng kamatis]

  2. hay, huling..... life is parang buhay!!!... minsan naiisip ko na i made a mistake in not migrating to a temperate zone country...

    i cannot talk well now.. my throat is swollen already...

    reimburse?.. grabe.. you're kidding right?! lol!

  3. i love how your hubby thinks of ways to save up money. i do feel so sorry for you and your kids, esp to ethan. but i do agree with your idea of just turning it on during bedtime. that's what we do at my parents' house. except during summer where it's freaking hot, or those days na talagang mainit. it actually works.

    good luck na lang!


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