Monday, July 21, 2008

I was flabbergasted! outraged! then finally defeated when I saw the 3 peso-gas-price-hike last Saturday. There seems to be no break from this gas-hike madness! There are those who say that the continuously rising gas price will lessen traffic in the metropolis because more people will opt to commute. Wrong-O! The volume of cars has not lessen. There appear to be more people in the malls - watching movies, shopping, eating out, working out, night-out with friends... name it... more people are doing it. Why? How can they afford it?

I have been feeling out of sorts for the past week (s). A niece-in-law died at the very young age of 27. She has orphaned a girl of 6. A cousin is about to be operated on prostate cancer. My family is in the throes of problems- great and small. I feel that there are those who wish us ill. Sometimes, I just don't know how to cope. Often, I feel like crying out of helplessness and wish fervently that there is indeed a happy pill that I can buy and take.

I was 15 minutes early fetching Ethan in school today. I got off my car and went to sit in the waiting area. There were a couple of mommies, late 20's, early 30's talking with each other. I can't help but listen.

Mom1: Oh I ordered converse rubber shoes for my girl. I got it got it for $28 international shipping included.

Mom2: Oh that's a bargain. Where did you order? (referring to website). I got 2 pairs for my little boy and the package has arrived all the way from US!

Mom1: Oh that' nice! I also ordered a V-tech camera for my girl as she is just dying to have her own camera. She is just into it, photography. (note: the girl and boy being referred to are probably 3-3.5 years old)

Mom2: My boy too! I already ordered his and the seller said I'd receive the parcel tomorrow. Exciting! I think I'll just do my Christmas shopping online.

Mom1: Isn't online shopping wonderful? I just want to buy everything! I have this almost limitless visa card that my husband.......

At this point Ethan came out. Right on cue too for I was about to tear-out my hair out of frustration due to the boastful and insipid conversation the two mommies were having. Oh well. After listening to that conversation, I felt normal again.

Posted by desperateblogger On 7/21/2008 04:33:00 PM 5 comments


  1. Sorry to hear about your niece in law ate. . . I can relate your feeling of loneliness as just recently my mom died..
    But about the gas I can't relate kasi wala kami sasakyan..hehehhe...

    Btw, te thank you so much for your idea about my domain. Yeah te,I might consider some other name... :)

  2. Wheww....a lot of things are happening to your family nga. I feel really sad about the orphaned little girl. I cannot imagine 'leaving' our little one. Although I know my husband will take very good care of her, it's just hard to wrap my head around her being without a mother. Sending prayers to your family members who are going through all these trials.

    Next time you overhear those on your celfone [louder than them] and talk about how you just purchased a house in Europe or US or anywhere....hahaha....Those Moms are obviously clueless with what's happening around the world or in their own country.

    Hay buhay...parang layf....

    Heto na naman ang 'post' ko here disguised as a comment...bwa hahaha...

  3. honey: you're such a swweetie1

    juling: i was really on the verge of whipping out my cellphone and boinking them on their heads. i might just do what you said.... pero dapat hindi ako naka beach walk pag sundo kay ethna... dapat havaianas man lang pare credible!

  4. mentioned beach walk. I love love beach much that I would wear them everywhere. Di ko na kilala ang Havainas....

  5. lol1 email me your address. uuwi yata yong friend ko who lives in florida.. padalan kita beach walk.. size pls.
    havaianas.. these are glorified tsinelas from brazil. my kids and ethan all have them.. th cheapest is 650 pesos per pair some cost 1,500 pesos per pair..... hindi ko afford kaya beach walk lang ako.

    buti pa si ethan afford nya.


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