Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Holy Wednesday. In the Philippines this is the time for most families and friends to pack up their bags and leave for a"holy" holiday. At 4:00 pm today, all roads leading to the North Luzon Expressway are packed with vehicles on their way up north of Luzon. Destination? Gearing mountainwise, it could be Baguio, Banawe, or Sagada. Beachwise, there's Pagudpod or any of those beaches lining the coast of Ilocos region.
I am not a keen vacationer during Lent. My family and I usually stay in the house, go to church and basically catch up on things. Not today though. It's 8:30 pm and it's only Ethan and I in the house. Ethan was so bored that:

1.) When I went to the grocery and left him with the maids, he put a small ball- bearing inside his nose. I don't know where he got it. Ethan went to tell the maid about it and the maid had him blow his nose real hard. Luckily the object up his nose was ejected.
2.) I got home and was met by the ball-bearing incident. I told Ethan never, ever do it again. I let the maid sort out the groceries and I went down to the basement to go online. After about 30 minutes, the maid came to me and said: Ate, ginupit po ni Ethan and buhok nya. (Ethan cut his hair) Whaadaaa!!?? I got up and went to see Ethan. Lo and behold! He did snip his hair. Off we went to Allan (my hairdresser) and had him fix Ethan's hair. Done, though slightly shorter than usual.
3.) So the two of us ate dinner. While eating Ethan said he feels hot. I asked: Do you want the aircon on? NO! I am hot! Ethan replied while he was feeling his forehead. I felt his forehead and neck and he was indeed feverish. I got the thermometer and hovered it inside his right ear. Tootootoot 38.6 Celsius.

So here I am, recounting my not so wonderful day before I finally log off.
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/19/2008 08:15:00 PM 5 comments


  1. Hahahaha! I think Ethan was bored out of his mind! Wala sa bahay mga nangungulit!

  2. Desperate Blogger,
    I envy you. I know no one in my cirles who has a maid. I would love to have a maid. I wish I could afford a maid. I can just imagine what I could be doing right now if I have a maid to clean our house, do laundry, cook, and do the yard work. Unfortunately, I have to bring myself down from daydreaming immediately, and come back to my own reality. I must go now to iron clothes that my hubby washed (I'm grateful to him for doing laundry). By the way, I enjoyed reading all your postings--all very interesting.

  3. tashabud, there's nothing to envy. in the philippines, almost everyone can afford to hire a maid. :)

  4. tashabud:
    thanks for reading my blog. appreciate it.]

    ivy! alleluia!

  5. Desperate,
    It is sweet of you to empathyze in my situation and to offer your help. I agree with you, I'm not the only one in this situation. There are many more who are in more dire need of help than I. I work with so many single mothers who are burdened with working full time, raising their young children, and taking care of their household responsibilities. So in this case, I should count my blessings. But, it would still be nice to experience the luxury of having a maid....He,he,he.


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