Monday, March 24, 2008

So how was your Easter? I and my family had a lazy day. W e did not go to sunrise service since it was set at 4:30 am in Taytay and Ethan was racked with cough. I was very disapppointed with myself. Easter Sunday and no church!

I called my mother at 9:00 am and explained why we were absent at the sunrise service. After which I sms my sis-in-law and told her we'll be eating lunch at her house whether she likes it or not.

We arrived at my sis-in-law's house and ate lunch... for 4 hours. We started eating at 1:oo pm. By the hour, different food were presented: lunch, then dessert,then fruits, then chips, then sandwiches. We were stuffed but kept on eating and talking anyway.

I have prepared about 40 plastic eggs with candies and money inside for Ethan's annual Easter egg hunt. Since we were at my in-laws' house I have incuded all the kids there to join in the hunt. So at 4:40 pm I finally hid the eggs. In our excitement no one tool pictures. My hubby played a joke on the egg hunters but the joke backfired.

He included and hid a red salted egg and a fresh egg. Guess who got the real eggs? Yeah. My son got the salted egg and Ethan got the fresh egg which he readily threw and broke.

I was suddenly reminded of the Golden Rule.
Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/24/2008 08:07:00 PM 4 comments


  1. hi! what a nice easter Sunday you had..hope your Ethan enjoyed it to the max! happy blogging!

  2. hi sis, thanks for the visit...sure i'd like to link ex with you...please let me know when you linked me so that i can link you up, too!

    your nice is so cool~

  3. kawawa naman si sonboy! :) ...pero tito son, ok yung trick mo hehehe

  4. Our pastor reminded us of Christ's death and resurrection and the circumstances during that time.

    And then he said, "we've heard it so many times we don't think its a miracle anymore."

    Then I drew easter eggs on my notebook and wondered if the chicks coming out of the eggs is like resurrection.


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