Sunday, March 2, 2008

"r u coming home tonight?" That was the messave I sent my son at 10:00am, Friday.
Strange, he should have answered right away.

" oi! is your dad going to fetch you later?" 2:30 pm, and still no answer. I decided to call him. Umm... "cannot be reached".

At 4:00 pm I decided to text his friend instead.
"Can you please tell my son to text me back? I tried to call him but I think his phone is off"

After 10 minutes, a text message!
"Yeah mom, I'm going home later."
"Where the heck is your phone? Has it been stolen again?"
"Can you call me now?"

So I did and the story goes something like this. I was almost 2:00 am when my son went to bed that Thursday night or rather Friday morning. He said he stayed up late to finish his assignment since his class on Fridays start at 11:30 am. At 5:30 am he was awakened by a commotion outside his bedroom. He sleepily pulled himself up to see what the heck was going on at the hallway at the time.

"I saw someone by your door!"

"Huh? What?"

" A hooded-bulky-man (maybe ugly and smelly too) was outside your door!"

By this time, half of the third floor "tenants" were awake. As my son's dorm mate continues he said that he was on his way to the bathroom when he saw this man lurking about my son's door. He (dorm mate) went back to his room and woke up his room mate. They then took a peek on the hallway and saw that the hooded figure has a knapsack. "A thief!" the two thought. So off they went to wake up more dorm mates and by the time they gathered enough people to set up another EDSA, the thief was gone.

Since my son has no room mate, he does not lock his bedroom door, "just in case" of fire or earthquake or in case he does not wake up in time fo class. He went back to his room and checked on his laptop.Still there. His wallet. Check. HIs mobile phone. Mobile phone? Missing. One by one, plaintive wails of "nawawala cell phone ko"(my cell phone is missing) reverberated in the third floor corridor.

The hooded-bulky-ugly-smelly (i'm positive of that now) man stole four mobile phones. How did the man enter the dormitory? Where is the guard? What if in the middle of the thieving my son woke up? Would the thief just ran away or was he ready to use force?

I am really mad because this is the second time that my son's phone has been stolen. The first time, the thief perched at the third floor ledge and fished-out my son's cell phone. At that time, a series of related events has been happening at the dorm. Take note that all the snitching was contained in the third floor of the boys' wing.

Is it an inside job? What the heck is the dorm manager doing about it? How come nothing has been done about it? I told my son that this time I will storm into the dorm manager's office and give him a piece of my mind. My son said, "later mom, we already reported the incident to the university's admin". Ok later.

What has been bothering me is the seeming complacency of the dorm manager. Is he not concern with his wards' safety? The dorm guard is so strict with the ins and outs of the students but does not wonder when some entity passes him by the lobby at 5:00 am? UuuMmmm.......Are you thinking what I am thinking? Right!

Maybe the dorm manager is the hooded-bulky-ugly-smelly man?
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/02/2008 08:15:00 AM 2 comments


  1. I hope it turns out to be an "inside" job, some dumb kid trying to get easy mney! It would be scarier if someone from outside is sneaking into the dorms!

  2. Aha...yep, I can smell inside job and see inside job written all over it as well...

    I stayed in a dorm throughout college but nothing like that ever happened. Takot siguro sa madre yung mga magnanakaw...hehe..

    Anyway, keep us posted. It's kinda' freaky, isn't it?



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