Thursday, March 13, 2008

I was supposed to be at Ethan's school yesterday at 1:45 Pm. Teacher said the YP class will be presenting a very very short play.

I looked at my watch. 1:30 pm. I just got out from the parlor after a haircut. I got in my car and I was planning on dropping by the corner grocery to buy my favorite soda. My phone rings. It's Teacher.

Yes teacher wassup?

Are you on your way here now?

But it's still early!

Can you come right away? Teacher has this really cool American twang.

Okay I'll be there in 5 minutes ( although the school is actually 10 minutes away)

Zooooommmm!!! Honk! Honk! What the..... Ano ba?!!!.......Screeched.................Brake!
Okay. Arrived safely. I ran to Ethan's classroom. I was met by Calpy, the mommy of Ethan's best bud Kyle. We went to the classroom with two other mommies to watch the play.

Oh boy! Did I get the surprise of the year! Gathered around the table were the kids and on the center of the table is a chocolate birthday cake obviously decorated by the kids. I was so touched I was speechless! They sang Happy Birthday and then I blew out the candle. It seemed Ethan told his teacher and his classmates about my birthday and then decided to surprise me even if it was day late.

Thank you YP class. I love you!

Posted by desperateblogger On 3/13/2008 05:52:00 PM 3 comments


  1. Belated Happy B-day, Lena! :)

  2. sweet kid :) you must be very proud and happy with Ethan :)

  3. wena: thanks for the greet.

    splice: oh yes. ethan is such a sweet sweet boy. before we goes to sleep each night, he says "mom, i love you soooooooo much!"


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