Saturday, March 29, 2008

Late last year, Jennifer Lopez's pregnancy was kept a secret because, according to JLo, Marc and her were touring and didn't want the pregnancy news to put a dent (good or bad) on the tour. On November 2007, JLo, finally admitted her very obvious state of gestation. JLo's father announced weeks later that the couple were expecting twins.

So, talks abound as to whether the "twins" were a product of a scientific tweak ( in vitro). Not so, said Jenny from the Bronx. She said twin births run in both hers and Marc's sides of the family, which we will never know since we will never, ever meet their sides of the family. The twins were born on February 22, 2008 at a New York hospital where JLo reportedly rented all 40 rooms on the floor for her use and her staff's. Rooms were at $5,000 per day. Geez! That's more than 8 M in Philippine pesos for a day's rent.

According to article I read, JLo's twins are name Max and Emme. This really confuses me because knowing that both Jennifer and Marc have Latin roots, I was thinking they would chose names along the genre of Antonio and Carmencita. But Max and Emme?: sounds pretty British too me.

The twins have a masseuse that comes twice a week. They also have a color therapist who chose the twin's bedroom color coordinates that have intelligence-boosting properties (HUH?!). Take note that the wins are now proud owners of two Shetland ponies and diamond-encrusted rattles. Have I mentioned the Dolce & Gabbana baby wraps and booties at $158 per pair?

It is reported that the twin's guests have to done masks and sterilize themselves before coming close to the babies. Does this mean that during the 8-hour photo shoot for People's magazine everyone involved was sterilized ?... including the cameras?

photo courtesy of People Magazine
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/29/2008 12:26:00 PM 4 comments


  1. Isn't she outrageous??? I think everything she does is out of this world eversince she became famous.

    Did you read in the news that they were paid about $6mil for that photo shoot?

    Anyway...I tagged you and it's free. No sterilization required to get it from my blog. See how good I am??? Hahaha....

    Take care and thanks for visit...


  2. Sinabi mo...biro mo yung pictorial na kahit ata makuba ako sa kaka trabaho eh di ko kikitain yun sa tanang buhay ko eh...

    Kelan ka ba tatama ng lotto?? Ako kailangan ko ng tumaya para manalo...

    Btw, news is Angelina's twins[?] are getting twice that amount. Hmm...

  3. quite a coincidence, but Borski's parents are Antonio and Carmencita :)


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