Thursday, June 12, 2008

A six-year-old boy told his father he wanted to marry the little girl
across the street. The father, being modern and well-schooled in handling
children, hid his smile behind his hand.
"That's a serious step," he said. "Have you thought it out completely?"
"Yes," his young son answered. "We can spend one week in my room and the
next in hers. It's right across the street, so I can run home if I get
scared of the dark."

"How about transportation? " the father asked.

"I have my wagon, and we both have our tricycles," the little boy
answered. The boy had an answer to every question the father raised.

Finally, in exasperation, his dad asked, "What about babies? When you're
married, you're liable to have babies, you know."

"We've thought about that, too," the little boy replied.
"We're not going to have babies. Every time she lays an egg, I'm going to
step on it!"

....there you go... the answer to stop population boom!

Posted by desperateblogger On 6/12/2008 11:02:00 AM 2 comments


  1. Cute story and precious picture!

  2. LOLOL! Now we know how to stop population exlosion!

    Oo nga at panay happy weekends tayo. Happy ba naman ang mga weekends natin? Syempre naman pero mas magiging happy kung tayo eh makakapag kape na dun sa isa mga kastilyo dun sa pics na na post ko. Gano ba katagal bago mag 150 Mil ulit ang lotto? Aba eh kailangan na nating manalo....


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