Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Envy is defined as a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc.

Envy is evil.

Envy will consume you.

Envy is physically and mentally draining.

Envy is bad.

Having said that, why do some people persist in being envious? I know one person who never cease to amaze me with his definitely envious spirit. Oh he has money alright - money that he got from ways that definitely defines the mantra the end does not justify the means. He has gone over the top to even poison some people's notion of me and my children. He has nothing good to say actually, but he is so dang good with deception his siblings think the world of him.

He is a certified a**! I know he'll probably never get to read this post. Moneyed as he is, maybe he can pay someone or probably buy someone to turn on his ultra-high-tech computer and surf the net for him - maybe even translate my posts for him. Yes! I am certified beatch too and he knows that. I just don't want trouble for the sake of some people both close to our families. However, how I wish he is man enough to say what he means and do what he means. He is stinking with duplicity and plasticity it makes me want to puke! Maybe he should be more like the Filipino idiom: magpaka-lalaki ka!(be a man) - and on his way to being one, maybe he could tell his first born to do likewise. I just hate it when his first born insinuates things regarding my kids, more so if it's online. The first born has repeatedly attacked my kids online. Close to three decades in age, still stupid as he is, he has not learned up to now that there are gadgets or sites that read IPs.

He should not be envious of my kids' accomplishments and academic degrees. He knows I never flaunt my kids, unlike him. Sometimes I hate myself for I very seldom pat the backs of my kids and say "well done my child". Yes I know and he knows that my kids have always been good in academics and the arts. But what can he do? Nothing! Dude, it's in the genes. Know that 80% of a child's intelligence comes from the mother. Too bad for him as I doubt if his fat-feeling beautiful-feeling rich-wife has intelligence at all. Oh and did I say fatfeelingbeautifulfeelingrich wife?

Okay. I am bad. So what? This is my blog and I could tell tall tales (or not) or rant whenever I want.

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