Monday, June 16, 2008

As I alight from my car to fetch Ethan, his teachers were already at the school veranda waiting for me. I walked towards them wondering if something was wrong.

Hi! I said. Am I late?

Hello ma'm. You're just in time for the pick up. However, there has been a major incident regarding Ethan and a classmate said teacher 1.

My head expanded and on the verge of bursting! I was thinking some major accident happened to my grandson. Cracked skull! Slit lips! Fractured shin! Grazed face! His mom, my daughter, will kill me! I composed myself and asked what happened?

Teacher 1 with Teacher 2 narrated the incident. It seemed that Ethan and a girl classmate were fighting over the right to occupy a cubicle. As the two struggled as who the worthy occupant of the cubicle would be, the girl said that Ethan punched her while Ethan claimed the girl scratched him. Indeed, a band-aid covered the booboo on Ethan's arm. The teacher said that between the girl and Ethan, they can't rightly know which came first: the punch or the scratch. Anyway, Ethan and his girl classmate have made amends. The scratch was quite vicious, the punch, no tell- tale sign whatsoever.

When we came home, the punching and scratching tale was told and retold to everyone in the house. There was a variety of reactions like: tsk tsk , what???!!! (the beeatch), may i see the booboo?, ha-h-a-ha, did you say sorry? Though expressed in different words and sentiments all my children basically had the same advice to Ethan.

Don't punch anyone, especially girls. But if he/she goes first,
go ahead and punch him/her right back. Be sure to be win.

Sounds brutal? Nah! that was exactly the same piece of advice I gave my kids when they were in grade school. No one was ever caught in a fight.
Posted by desperateblogger On 6/16/2008 12:35:00 PM 4 comments


  1. Kawawa naman si Ethan...kasi may sugat. In the court of law [tama ba yun] proof na yung sugat. Siguradong kalaboso yung isa. Haha...biglang pinakulong eh.

    So nagkaron ba ulit ng party the husband for father's day? Dapat mas bongga sa 50th...hehe

  2. hahaha! what an advice! oh my...ethan is on that age now hey! that scratch surely sting, unlike a punch!

    so you're also the one who picks ethan from school? do you drop him off to? you really are a superwoman!

  3. juliana: hindi ko na pinakulong. kawawa naman 5 yrs old e magkaka record. anyway, we had lunch na lang yesterday tapos went to the mall, nagturo at pinagbayad yong not so "happy" father! lol!

    sheng: yes. i am the unpaid but glorified yaya, driver, cook, tutor of Ethan.

  4. Hi po...wawa naman baby nyo...pero as what thay say...away bata lang po yun......

    Hope you can add me in your blogroll!!! Thanks


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