Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bacoor Town Fiesta always falls on Mother's Day. I am glad to say that after years and years of feeling obliged to be present at the said town fiesta, I was conveniently absent this time. Remember? I chose to show my face at the 95th Taytay Elementary School reunion than spend a whole day "celebrating" fiesta and mother's day with the in-laws. Believe when I say no one among the Bacoor kins, not even my own children, even bothered to send me a text message to greet me even a "sad" mother's day. Talk about loyalty! Daughter #4 was with me though. I left her with my mama and Tiya Liling while I attended the said reunion.

I've always been against fiestas. True, fiestas are Filipino traditions since the Spanish time but! I do not condone the excessive spending and drinking and extravagance shown at such occasions. The town fiesta celebration in Bacoor is so extravagant and lavish. A total of six Hermanas each year are chosen for the next 10 years. These hermanas are given ample time to make sure they have money to spend when their time comes. Millions are spent by these hermanas. Millions that could have made sense and helped more if they gave it to charity and to other noble causes. Most hermanas (or their husbands) are politically inclined so there's really no need to ask where their funds come from.

I was browsing at some pictures taken during the parade and this one caught my attention. This was supposed to be a giant made of paper mache sponsored by Amarey.

With probably hundreds of staff hired and paid by the hermanas, surely someone must have noticed this error before the parade started. No one did. If only the money involved in fiestas were diverted to worthy causes like the better education to the greater Bacoor public school system, then I guess the rest of Bacoor would not be forced into dringking furified water. Amarey! Show your face!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/13/2009 09:48:00 PM 5 comments


  1. My goodness! Nakakaloka yang DRINGKING FURIFIED water na yan, hehe!

    Anyway, thank you Lena for your warm welcome for us to the blogging world.

    Will send you the pictures in email very soon.

    Debbie :)

  2. Fure na fure siguru yung dringking water nila.....bwa hahahaha....

    Ay nako ako din eh umiiwas sa pyesta kung pwede. Milyones ang ginagastos? Ano ba yun?

    Heniway....natawa ako dun sa: Wency! Lena's looking for you. Hahaha....namutla siguru yun ano?


  3. @ debbie/dana: hey debbie, read your email but had no time yet to download the pics. tell dana utang muna yong $1. lol

    @ huling: my son said it's furious purified water kaya furified.

    si wency... walang ano.. kwan... hahahaha

  4. di mo napigilan i-post ang higantes sponsored by Amarey Furified Dringking Water ah...

    nakakatawang nakakaawa na nakakainis ang gumawa nun.

  5. DRINKING??? hehehe...baka nakakalasing yan!


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