Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daughter # 4 is all grown up. She will start management training at a big reputable bank come June 1. There were a lot of offers for her and she had a real hard time deciding. After her contract signing, other companies started calling her too. Shucks! The bank where she applied for a position in the treasury department just called and she can't accept the offer for her contract with the first bank is already in black and white. Yesterday another company called and daughter's dilemma now is explaining that she already signed up for one.

Because of the many calls and text messages that she has been receiving from various companies, daughter #4 reads all her text messages and answers all calls even if the numbers are not in her phonebook. The following is one heck of a text message (or for that matter, one hell of prank texter) that she received a couple of days ago.


DAUGHTER: Who's this?

PRANKSTER: U gv ur nym frst.& bsde u mstkn dial my # s0 u supp0sd 2 entroduce ur slf 2 me. u r da 1 h0 txt me 1st last week f i not mstken!"

DAUGHTER: Huh? I don't think I ever texted you and why would you even say hi if you only want to know who I am?

PRANKSTER: Wat? Y did u telling dis 2 me.?.Or just kidding men...ryt?Oh my g0d c m0n d0nt mke me a f0ol..plz d0nt bear me h0pe u understand! Ok?.

DAUGHTER: What? I totally didn't understand your english. You need english lessons.

PRANKSTER: kc bo2 k tlaga! Kya d m0 naintindihan ang english q... (because you're stupid and can't understand english) plz check ur grammar..Ok?

DAUGHTER: You're unbelieveable. I'll just laugh at you. Pls go away now. Shoo! You're wasting me time.

PRANKSTER: Ok..I d0nt wnt 2 2lk any kind of idi0t pers0n..lyk u!" & i d0nt cre h0 da hell u r..Ok,, ur wish s ur command! damn u! - d0nt txt me anym0re..idi0t..plz get 0ut of my lyf!" -ur such a pester! bastard!

Okay. That made our day.
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/26/2009 09:42:00 AM 5 comments


  1. wahahahah! ur wish is ur command amp! komedyante! XD

    h0 da hell??? hahaha!

  2. Oh my gulay. What do they do, just text random numbers?

    You mean pati ang job offers ngayon eh ginagawa na din thru texting? Ay sows....

    Alam mo ganon ata talaga...once you get on with a company, the others na nag apply ka biglang magtatawagan. Kakainis minsan.


  3. Hmm... How much is the phone bill? Won't that cost a lot to answer all these text messages? I guess I am too old to understand why teens text so much while they can just talk to their friends by dialing their #'s first.

  4. shocks.i've experienced getting text messages like that but I never replied. they are random texts from some people wanting to find textmates.Or who knows,it could be something else like a prankster.

    just advise your daughter not to reply and the texter will stop.

  5. there really are a lot of senseless people around. got nothing productive to do, so they annoy random people.



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