Friday, May 15, 2009

At 12:00 P.M., everyday on this side of my world, my EC credit drops dropped to zero. That means it's a brand new day for EC card dropping. I have not been very active in dropping ECs of late because of my diagnosed carpal tunnel on both my hands. The clicking that comes with EC dropping makes my right hand down right numb. Nevertheless, I still do drop ECs because I just had to. Last night, at precisely 11:30 P.M., GMT+8, I have dropped about 225 ECs already. Since I was "nursing" a terrible cold and my right hand just about ready to fall off, I decided to call it a day. One thing bothered me though. There were still no EC credits dropped on my blog. Hm.... I wonder. Anyway, surely there's still tomorrow before the day starts all over again regarding EC drops. Confident that I just need a few minutes to finish my 300 EC drops, I logged in late. Lo and behold! My EC drops of 225 is back to a big fat zero and garsh!!! only 27 people dropped ECs on my blog. What happened? Where are all my EC droppers? Where are my credits? Dang!! Make that double Dang!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/15/2009 10:29:00 AM 15 comments


  1. Yeah! Every day when I find the counter drops itself to ZERO - I somehow feel helpless. Anyway, it is my dream to meet up 300 drops in a day. I make it between 10 - 50 a day.

  2. I am no longer that active to EC too. But anyway, lets see what happens to this networking site.. ^_^

  3. hi Mommy! I also experienced this entrecard thingy last night. I was so shocked to see that nobody dropped on my widget. Anyway, I still manage to do my 3oo drops last night and right now doing my another round of 300 again. I guess entrecard is really addicting... hahaha!

    Take care Mommy!

  4. Pinay Mom and Proud Mommy,
    How do you get 0 drops every time? I have been dropping on your cards almost every day in the last two weeks.

    Anyway, thumbs up for dropping 300 a day. I think it is not strange to get carpal tunnel on your hands like this. Wow, 300 drops. I'm quite done at 100, which I usually do not even make.

    On lazy days, I just ask my 5-year-old DD to drop the cards for me. With the Entrecard toolbar it is so easy for her. Don't you have little droppers around who love to 'work'?

  5. The same thing is happening with me over the last few days. I think something is wrong with EC. I did over 200 drops yesterday and a couple of hours later it said 0 again. And I've had only a few showing as dropped on mine when I was getting about 50 or more.

    Thanks for dropping on mine!

    ~A Lil Enchanted~

  6. You're not alone Lena, it happened to us too yesterday and I kept wondering why. When we were still on vacation and I didn't do EC dropping, somehow, we still managed to receive EC drops from our avid droppers and we're thankful for that.

    Hey, take extra care, hope you feel alot better soon. Dana also has a headcold since we got back home.


  7. buti ka may 27, ako 9! nag-strike yata yung mga ec droppers ko. something went wrong.

  8. This happened to me too, but only the number of drops on my blog dropped drastically.

    It must be a problem on Entrecard servers.

  9. Hala! Kanino kaya nalaglag yung inilalaglag ko araw araw dito? Hahaha...

    I have EC pero hindi ko maasikaso...I think the most na inilaglag ko eh 25.

    Happy weekend!


  10. i am not alone, huh.

  11. I drop 300 everyday too! I had really low drops for 2 days too!?!? I was worried it makes me feel better to think their was a glitch...BTW I always clear my inbox first ;)

  12. I wish I could figure out EC a little more:) I dropped my biggest day every..160ish and then a few hours later it was back to 0. I'm so confused. It is a time consuming part of my day. I am always so impressed with those who get to the 300 mark.

  13. I had the same problem and I quit dropping once I realized I wasn't getting any credits. No use wasting time, right?? I guess their server was down--that is what I heard anyway.

  14. oh i thought it's just me!a lot of us experience the same thing pala.for almost a week now i've been getting low drops from my ec visitors but when u look at my organic clicks (the number of clicks thru to my site from the entrecard website),the figures are huge vs the number of cards dropped on my site.meaning about 50% of those who click on my blog from the EC website do not drop on me?sigh.
    like u,i've also experienced dropping close to 200 or 300 but only to see in horror that my drops reverted back to zero and my credits gone.maybe it doesn't happen often.but it does happen.

  15. Don't worry, I'll drop for you. I added you up on my list of daily drops. ;)

    E-Pera™ Droplist


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