Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Mom, would you like to lose 7-10 lbs in a week?" queried daughter # 2.

"What kind of fad diet are you referring to this time?" I answered.

I have encountered and tried a lot of diets in the past. There's the "starvation" cum cleansing diet I followed religiously when I first enrolled at Slimmer's World. In fairness, I lost 30 lbs in a span of three months with that diet. Then there's the low-carb diet and the South Beach diet. Umm... did not really stick to it for I was still lean and fit when that diet was the fad. Then there's the low-fat low salt diet that I am forced to follow now for medical reasons.

I was not really into dieting for I used to work out a lot thus making my metabolism fast. I avoided too much starch, sweets and fat back then though. Then the inevitable happened. I stopped exercising and regulating my food intake. Ergo. I gained about more than 20 lbs in 7 years. At my age, it's no longer a breeze to lose weight.

Getting back to my daughter's question, I actually got interested in losing 7-10 lbs per week. I have already lost about 7 lbs since March and that is not very impressive. I need to really slim down by mid-July for I have two important functions to attend. The first one is the 80th birthday celebration of my mother-in-law and the second one is the wedding of my son's coach in high school. I have been tapped as one of the principal sponsors and by gawd! - I have to be the best looking daughter-in-law and best looking "ninang"!

So, I told daughter I'm in on her new-found diet. We started yesterday and she already lost 4 lbs. while I lost 3 lbs. Nothing to get excited about because the weight lost could all just be water. I'll wait until the end of the seven-day diet plan before I give my verdict. Meanwhile, boy am I hungry!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/19/2009 09:59:00 PM 8 comments


  1. Want some mandarin orange cake that's super suuweeett? I baked it for the first time yesterday and boy is it suuwweeet!

    Goodluck! Hopefully the call of hunger won't make you break the diet!


  2. @ huling: bruha! lol... pag punta ko dyan next year, mag bake ka na ng lahat ng gusto mo para sa kape natin.

  3. Sige nga...siguro kailangan nating imbitahin si Tukayong Juliana na taga NY kasi magaling na mag bake yun ngayon....


  4. The first and last time I saw you, sexy ka na no! I was actually very impressed at how you maintained your figure.

    Debbie :)

  5. grabeh, ako nga 9lbs since January pa. pahingi kopya ng diet plan tita lena! hahaha!

  6. why do you need to lose some more? you seem ok and sexy as you are! but i guess losing some punds won't hurt!

    can't wait till you show off those sexier curves!

  7. @ debbie/dana: really? hahaha thanks!

    @ eMz: teka lang. tine-testing ko pa. pag effective sabihin ko sa yo.

    @ sheng: i'm within the limits kaya lang, as you say, it's better to be a little lighter.

  8. Will you please, please tell me what diet it is you are using? I would love to lose that much and maybe more in the coming days. I am that desperate, lol.


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