Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay, so what's this big hoopla about Dr. Hayden Kho Jr? Always, always add the junior as Dr. Hayden Kho (without the suffix junior) is actually Junior's dad. Every internet-gossip-savvy pinoy/pinay is blogging about the sexy-dance video and now the sex video of Kho Jr. and Katrina Halili. There is even a sex video of a certain Maricar Reyes, an allege resident in one of the top hospitals in Manila, that is also out in the internet. I have seen the sexy dance video of Kho Jr. and Halili and Kho looks kinda "gay" in his dance moves. Halili was just that... your ordinary sexy star doing a routine sexy dance. I have yet to see the sex video of Kho Jr.-Halili and Kho Jr.- Reyes.

The sex video brouhaha has done Katrina Halili a lot of notorious exposure and I guess she's loving every minute of it. Hayden Kho Jr. is now getting his second round of his 15-minute fame. His first round came when he and Vicki Belo were an item. The juicier part was when Belo reportedly dropped Hayden Jr, due to his infidelities prompting Hayden to stage a suicide attempt -or so they say. I heard that Lola Vicky Belo and him are back to their lovey-dovey tandem. Teka lang, suka ako. Lola is about my age and Kho Jr. is about daughter # 1's age. Move over Ashton and Demi.

Kho Jr. and Halili are not the victims here. The real victims here are Maricar Reyes and the string of other girls who were secretly video-taped by Hayden Jr. They were just one of Kho Jr's sex partners and had no idea that Hayden Jr. has a hang-up- to put it lightly. Hayden Kho Jr. is one sick doctor. However, the real-truly-honest-to-goodness culprit here is the person who allegedly swiped the videos from Hayden Kho Jr.'s laptop. The culprit should have thought of the implications of his act. Instead of hurting only Hayden Jr., the circle of affected people has become wider. Now, now. Don't look on this article as confirmed information. As I've said from the start, every internet-gossip-savvy pinoy/pinay is blogging about the sexy-dance video and now the sex video of Kho Jr. and Katrina Halili.

There are talk and speculation that Hayden Kho Jr.'s medical license will be revoked. In fairness to Hayden Jr, it was not his intent to publish his sex tapes. Those were just his personal and private collection to which you and I and the rest of the world is not part of. True, video-taping those highly controversial sex acts may be deemed perverted. However, I am sure there are lot of other people out there with some other quirks and irks that we know nothing of and the sex videos of Hayden Jr. should have been treated as such. Private and Personal. The involved sex partners should be the ones to press charges, not the Professional Regulation Board or the Senate!

Now, taking all facts and fiction about Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. into consideration, would you still have him for your personal physician? :)
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/22/2009 10:27:00 AM 2 comments


  1. I have seen the full video. Maricar is very good in bed (she's even better than Katrina), she rocks! She can give head and drive like a pro! whooohoooo!

    Anyways, I don't see anything bad about what she did because when she was doing it she was really enjoying herself as a full woman. The only problem is that the sicko Kho recorded their endeavors without her knowledge, what a sick guy. The video has not dirtied Maricar in my eyes, she's still a very pretty woman worth all the respect of any good man. As to Hayden Kho, here's what i have to say: he better hang himself quick!

  2. Just saw your message about D#2 possible training sa St Petes. Galing naman.

    Alam mo bang bokya ako sa geography? Hahah...di ko alam kung ganon kalayo ang St Petes dito so I went to Google maps...sabi dun about 70 miles daw which is 1.5 hrs drive...ata. Hehehe...

    Sasama ka ba? Marunong na kaya ako mag drive by then? That might be a motivation for me to learn para magkita tayo...hahaha...



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