Sunday, May 24, 2009

"What?! Three thousand pesos for a freaking concert ticket?!"

Yup! My sister-in-law told me that her 13 year old daughter watched the David Cook and David Archuleta Concert at the Mall of Asia concert ground last weekend. When I say ground, I do mean solid-honest-to-goodness-dustfull-soil. The concert venue was on a makeshift stage (although fully high-tech and quite awesome) with monoblocks or plastic chairs for seats. No way would I pay three thousand of my precious money just to get crushed and dirtied to watch a concert. I would not mind paying for a 3,000 Php ticket as long as the venue is posh, air-conditioned, carpeted and opulent.

My girls said I am such a hypocrite.

"Mom, you watched the freaking five-thousand-peso ticket to watch Michael Jackson lipsynched his way on a make-shift-stage-albeit-highly-techy-stage some 12 years ago!"

"Excuse me, it was pre-child-sexual-abuse-case Michael Jackson! Besides, the ticket was free and it was not such a bad experience for I was rubbing elbows with a 30-lb lighter Sharon Cuneta."

I don't know. Is the Philippines in economic crisis? I just see too much spending wherever I go.

Yesterday, Ethan and I attended the 6th birthday party of his best bud. The birthday was Mexican/Fiesta themed and was catered by a leading Mexican food provider. There was even a lechon and give-aways to the rafters. After the party I dropped by at a premiere events venue south of Manila as I was considering a place for my ma-in-law's 80th bash. I was given a quote for the event and I almost fainted! It was expensive but people don't seem to mind as there were four events simultaneously occurring while I was there. A lot of potential clients were there too for the food tasting of one of the in-house caterers. Catering is from 500 Php -2,000 Php per head ++. This is exclusive of the venue rent. Expensive but people are coveting for the said venue and caterers.

There's a Pussycat Dolls Concert coming sometime in June and tickets are in the high thousands too. Daughters 3 and 4 want to purchase tickets. These two are big fans of PCD. I overheard them talking that they should buy a certain brand of shampoo first so they could avail of the 50% discount.

"How much?" I asked

"Three thousand per" quipped daughter 4

"Not bad. So with the 50% discount the ticket would go for 1,500 Php each." I approvingly said.

"No mom. The three thousand pesos per ticket is the discounted price."

"Ay sows! You'll just be wasting good money. Pool your money together and buy a new air-conditioner unit. You've been pestering me for a new one and I see that on your own you could afford to buy one."

And that's that!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/24/2009 10:54:00 AM 7 comments


  1. haha.. i won't splurge on that expensive concert tickets either. I sure love music and idolized certain performers too but there's no way i would spend a fortune just to get to see them. it's too impractical unless you have an overflowing cash on your pocket...

    you're right mommy, i would rather spend my money to something worth-having.

    have a great Sunday!

  2. gosh, i don't think i can spend that much money on pop acts, even if they're international!

  3. @ nancy and eMz: true. true. the price is just too much but would you believe that i was once given a complimentary 3-20,000 peso-worth to a concert of sarah brightman? yup! ganun kamahal ang ticket and this time i was rubbing elbows with the ayalas and cojuangcos. di nila alam, libre lang ticket ko. lol

  4. Freakin' expensive nga! The most I spent for a concert eh 200php to watch Pops in 19-tralala....hahaha. Ang cheap ko no?



  5. @ huling: pops concert?! oh my! lol but in fairness, 200 bucks then would have bought you 8 kilos of pork back then.

  6. hay naku, ganyan din anak ko. pero rocker naman ito. kaya nun nalaman nya punta ang incubus dito, pinag-ipunan nya talaga. because he knows I won't pay for it.

  7. TAMA! jai Ho!


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