Friday, December 12, 2008

I watched Ethan's Christmas program today. It was not your ordinary Christmas program where everyone wears red and green while they sing and dance to the tune of Jingle Bells. Teacher Michelle adapted the story of the Three Trees and gave it a meaningful twist.

The story begins with the three trees and their family talking about their dreams and aspirations. Tree # 1 just wants to be made into a beautiful chest of drawers to hold only precious gems and jewels. Tree # 2 wants to be a mighty ship to serve only great Kings. Tree # 3 just wants to stay on top of the mountain to basks in its beauty and be reminded of God. Years past and the three trees were eventually cut down by woodcutters. Tree # 1 turned out to be a lowly animal feeder. But years later, the animal feeder turned to be the manger where baby Jesus was laid. Tree #1's dream of holding the greatest treasure of all came true. Tree # 2 turned out to be a fisherman's vessel. Tree #2 did not like his smelly job. No great kings, as passengers. Then one stormy night, many years later, as several fishermen were on board, a great storm came and shook the boat. A great fisherman by the name of Jesus calmed the stormed. Tree #2's dream of serving great kings proved to be true for it served the King of Kings. Tree #3 became a cut lumber forgotten in the lumber yard. Years later, the lumber was taken and was made into a cross. A great man, the Son of God, was nailed on that cross. Tree #3 was sad and cried for the cruelty done to Jesus. But, three days later, Jesus rose and forever as mankind looks into the cross, we are reminded of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tree #3's dream of serving God and a reminder of God's greatness came true.

The greatest story ever told was so simply, wonderfully, joyfully and lovingly presented by kids ages 2.5 to 6 years old. There were a lot of singing and dancing and fun but the message of Christ came through. Kudos to the teachers and students. Good job!

Posted by desperateblogger On 12/12/2008 08:55:00 PM 5 comments


  1. I miss school activities like this in the pre-school. I'm not a PS teacher pero pag merong activity ang mga preschoolers andun ako agad kasi walang primadona sa mga bata....

    Ay nakita ko yung picture ng UP oblation activity ba yun...where some nekkid men [meron bang women?] were running around....hahaha...baka may kilala ka dun...hehe. Naalala kita bigla kasi UP...


  2. huling: ay ang sarap panoorin talaga ng mga preschool. the part in the play where there was storm, yong mga pre-nursery (age 2.5) ang mga waves. they were singing and dancing to "rock the boat". that number put the house down.

    wasn't able to watch the oblation run because nga of ethan's rehearsals and performance. kala mo nanam nasa legit stage ano?!

  3. Yes, it is a great story. I remember watching this play and the SS teacher made kids rolling on stage when the trees were cut down. So funny, yet meaningful. Did Ethan become tree #3?

  4. wonderful story. first time i've heard of it. =) my child's christmas party is on thursday and i'm assigned to talk about sharing and giving. grabe, takot ako to talk in front of an audience.

    btw, i have an award for you here:

  5. evan's mom: no, ethan was one of the tree family, a stump. he played the part of Jesus though in tree #2's segment.

    cherry: kayang kaya yan. kunwari you're just blogging. thanks for the award.


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