Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas 1980 was a special one for me. This was the year that I'd be spending my first Christmas with my husband and new baby daughter. I was excited yet sad for it was also the first Christmas that I would not be spending with my Taytay kins. It was also the first Christmas that I did not actively participate in my hometown church's program and activities. It was quite disheartening as I've always been in the center of Christmas-related- things, home-wise and church-wise, when I was still single.

I did not have a lot of money back then. Come to think of it, I still do not have much money even now. With my meager earnings, I bought gifts for all of my husband's family and close relatives. I even got the list of all my husband's godchildren so I could get them gifts too. December 24 came. I so wanted to go home to Taytay but my husband said that we'll spend Christmas with his family. I have gift-wrapped all my gifts and put them under the tree. I was slightly surprised that there are no other gifts aside from mine, under the tree. Maybe they'd (the in-laws) put the gifts later. Around 6:30 pm we ate dinner. There was a lot of cooking going and I though that there would be a lot of food for Noche Buena and Christmas day. By 8:00 pm my baby daughter(#1) was fast asleep. I asked my hubby if we're still going to sleep or just wait up for Noche Buena. He said he'll be sleeping in a while and has no plan of waking up later for their family does not, ever, observe Noche Buena and gift-giving.

I just stood there, looking at him. Finally I asked "so why did you want to be here on the 24th when there's nothing here? We could have gone home to my mom's place and be back here on the 25th!" My husband did not say anything. He went to sleep. I heard my baby cry and I went to settle her again. By 10:00 p.m. I was near tears. I so wanted to call my mother but the phone service back in those days were horrendous. By 11:00 p.m. I went to bed. My husband and baby daughter were fast asleep and as I lay awake thinking of past Christmases, my tears finally fell.

Christmas is a time for family and love. What am I doing crying my heart out? I just got so used to in how we spend and celebrate Christmas in Taytay that this "new" Christmas experience is bringing my spirit down. I looked at my sleeping husband and baby daughter. I thought that these two are my family now and I promised myself that next Christmas, we'll celebrate it the way we want it.
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/14/2008 09:50:00 AM 3 comments


  1. That's sad.

    I'm blessed to have folks who still celebrate Christmas the traditional way.

  2. I really missed spending Christmas with my family back home. Although, we don't have a gift giving ( can't afford ) We do look forward for the Noche Buena.

    It's very different here in the US, on my first Christmas here, I thought we are going to stay awake until 12 midnight. But nothing.. everybody was sleeping .

    Merry Christmas to you and to your family!

  3. Lahat ata ng first Christmas memorable...ang akin inaway ko asawa ko [buntis ako nun...hehe]....kasi umalis pumunta sa kapatid nya. Tinanong ako kung gusto kong sumama sabi ko umalis ng wala ako. Yun pala he had to get my present kasi dun sa bahay ng kapatid nya nakatago...gitara so there's no way na maitatago. He was only out of the house for about 30 min...syempre tampong pururot pa din ako.



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