Saturday, December 27, 2008

Because of the advent of digi-cams, there is a compulsion to just click away with no more regard from buying films to developing and printing the pictures. Since my ever faithful Canon SLR is currently out-of-order and my first ever digi-cam has met its demise, I grabbed these pictures from my daughters' and relatives' sites. Cameras used were from lowly 8 to 10 megapixel digi-cams and the higher tech DSLRs.

These pictures were taken in Taytay during my mother's side of the clan annual Christmas day lunch. After the church worship service we all troop to the late Tiya Noneng's house - bearing pot luck and gifts. It used to be that my kids were the youngest of the lot. Now we have seven fourth generations -generation Y.

On your left is a colage of me and my kids and Ethan. Can you tell who is who?

Posted by desperateblogger On 12/27/2008 10:38:00 PM 6 comments


  1. Hhhhmmmm, you have a lovely family Lena! Pero asan si mister?

    May you have a bountiful 2009!

  2. hi sis, happy holidays! :)

  3. Happy holidays ate Lens.. You've got cute kids. ganda and gwapo. :)

  4. Peeechures!!!!! yay! Ang posing ni D#3 & 4 eh magkahawig ata? Ethan is starting to get leaner o baka sa picture lang? You have a great looking bunch talaga. Good-looking na brainy pa....


  5. parking for a while..happy holidays! hope to see u at mine! take care!have a healthy 2009!

  6. debbie/dana: hubby chose to attend his nanay's annual Christmas lunch too. we met at his nanay's place after our taytay lunch.

    beevs: happy new year to you!

    honey: thanks for the compliments.=)

    huling: actually isang peechur lang yong kay 4 and 3. pinag dalawa ko lang. yup. ethan's getting taller and leaner.

    thanks for the compliments. syempre. mana sa akin. lol

    gagay: happy new year. i always drop by your site. =)


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