Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I woke up feeling all giddy and excited. I didn't want to turn on my computer. I refuse to turn on my computer. Why? Today was supposed to be the day that the winner for the blog post entitled A Day at the SONY Expo 2008 would be announced. I hang on until 11:00 a.m. then I finally turned on my computer to see if there is an email from Nuffnang announcing the blog winner. No email. I turned off the computer and went to the grocery. I dilly-dallied with my errands. By 3:45 p.m. I was home. Surely by this time the winner for the blog post is out. I turned on my computer and opened my email.

In a nutshell, Nuffnang said they were overwhelmed with entries that the announcement of the winning blog was moved to January 9, 2009. Hmmm... the original deadline for entries was on Dec. 19. Then it was postponed to Dec.22 because Nuffnang wanted other bloggers present at the Expo submit their entries. So, from Dec. 19 to Dec. 22, hundreds (?) submitted entries? Cannot be as there were only a few bloggers who were present during the Expo. Unless! Non-bloggers decided to get a blogspot or wordpress just to enter the contest. Why? The prize is a Vaio laptop.

I submitted my entry pretty early, on the 16th or 17th. Others, I checked, submitted theirs on the 19th up to the 22nd. One thing I noticed was the ever-evolving posts of some bloggers. I guess they blog hop and 'spy' on other blogger's post then add on improvements to their posts. Some even changed their publish dates maybe to take away suspicious thoughts. Sigh! Justify Full
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/23/2008 08:19:00 PM 13 comments


  1. I never bothered with the contest. Troy was insisting I take pictures when we were at the event pero I was sure it'll just cause me more stress so I decided not to.
    I also received the announcement and ang naisip ko agad is: SABI KO NA NGA BA EH. I hope Nuffnang is doing something about these cheaters if you can call them that.

  2. renz: hindi lang yong. nuffnang is accepting blog entries from blogs days old lang. kung baga, the blog was put up just for the contest. e kung alam ko lang sana pinasali ko na yong nephew ko na magaling sa avp.

  3. The day Nuffnang anounced they are extending the deadline my jaw dropped I was like, ano ba 'to pinaghirapan ko na humabol on the deadline tapos extended lang pala. So I hid my blog for a day kasi nga I saw some spies on blogs, make gaya and modifications etc. Kakaines. I think Nuffnang didn't see the implications of extending the deadline. Deadlines is deadline dapat stict. Kasi this is a bad precedent kumbaga next contest nila people will know na to spy on other people's blog and wait until the last minute or create their own blog post. Kakasuya talaga.

  4. earthlingorgeous: i so agree with you. i actually made a comment on nuffnang's site re this and their "mistake" of accepting a week old blog for the contest. how can you possibly reconcile with a blog that is 5 days old and has 2 posts one of which is the contest piece? blog ba yon? there are some tech savvies who joined kasi alam nila na kaya tayong mga "lowly" bloggers na ilamopaso re AVP and such. oh well... ganun talaga. i just hope the judges have the sense to consider the things i pointed out.

  5. Posted a comment regarding this @ Nuffnang.

    I asked the question about the changes as soon as they announced the extension kasi mahirap naman iprint kunyari changes in a video dba.

    So unless pre-judged, sana nattrack nila kasi ang haba ng extension pa kasi ang date madali mabago.

    Nice point points po.

  6. dale: i think changes are accepted since nothing was said regarding it. we just won't know their mechanics. i doubt what good a screen shot would do in case of video. i did some corrections in my grammar though.

    well, here's hoping for the best!

    merry christmas!

  7. hmmm... sabi ko na nga ba eh.. malaking effect tlaga nung pag-move ng deadline sa mga nagsubmit ng on-time.

    i just hope that the criteria of judging wouldn't be just based on how "bongga" the graphics, video or animation is. It's a blog-writing contest in the first place - so "quality" of content comes first. Take away the fancy graphics & animation, your entry should be able stand on its own. Bonus na lng cguro ung mga "kolorete". Creativity comes in many ways, and graphics can be copied - but the content and quality of writing, mejo mahirap kopyahin un..

    so i think we shouldn't be much bothered by the "blog hoppers" or by those whose blog entries are on a "constant change"...

    having said all my sentiments... huhuhu =(

    i wish u all guys a joyful & blessed Christmas!

  8. mike: nosebleed ako sa ingles mo. lol! very well said.

    merry christmas!

  9. ahahah :D op kors ms.lena, i always nosebleed-to-death when im am englishing.. lalo pa't may konting hinanakit at nagtitimpi..hehehe :D

  10. naku ms lena i'm so glad i'm not the only one who that's disappointed with the whole thing.

    after the extension announcement and the extension of the extension announcement, i didn't even bother to edit my post anymore because i know copycats and fakers have seen it and i have just given the hope up on winning altogether because of that.

    it's just sad that nuffnang can't keep their own deadlines.

    i'll feel a lot better if we win commendable blog again, though. at least our efforts would've still looked like they were appreciated.hehe!

  11. eMz: yup. nakakatamad na nga eh. because of the extensions, i think there were those who were given the chance put up a blog, write a post with great apvs and whatnot. now, we're not even sure if those new bloggers are the true authors since there are no previous posts to compare the style. di ba?

    anyway, win or lose, beauty pa rin tayo! lol

    happy new year!

  12. " anyway, win or lose, beauty pa rin tayo! lol "

    hahaha :D i luv that positive attitude!

    it's like "manalo, matalo, cute pa rin kami! "

    @ eMz >>> oo nga, sana man lang kahit consolation prize meron tayo para di sayang ang efforts

    HAPPY 2009 to everyone! :)

  13. the problem is we don't know their criteria for judging. tapos they accept a newly made blogs. hmmmm... kaya tinamad ako n akong sumali eh.


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