Monday, August 24, 2009

I was car-less for two days like week. Remember the car accident I had last week when I was rear-ended? Well, the cheapskate paid me a measly sum but I took it anyway for the sake of her daughter and my son being former classmates and my daughter and her son being former classmates too. Anyway,I figured that since my car's damage will be repaired, I might as well have the hubcaps and other dents and scratches fixed too. Before doing that I brought the car to the service station to have the wheels aligned and rotated first. The mechanic said the right camber bolt was stuck so I had to call the other auto shop to have it fixed. The other auto shop mechanic said the disk brakes were quite thin and worn out and that they had to be changed too. or else suffer the consequence - accident. What can I do but agree? So the little car-dent fixing translated into more repairs - more money out the window.

I was glad to have my spanking clean-wheel-aligned and rotated-dent-fixed and disk-braked-changed car! The auto painter did a real nice job. He was even able to remove the scratches from the car's window rain guards and mud guards. So! Come Sunday morning I was getting ready to leave for church happy that my car is fixed! I turned on the ignition and all I heard was slight engine growl and then no more. My batteries are dead! Yes! The two maintenance-free car batteries that my car needs to run are freaking dead! The church was postponed. I called my foreman and told him to get my car first thing on Monday morning and have the batteries changed. The pair of batteries are new now, newly bought. I refuse to leave the house today. Who knows what other expenses are lurking to pounce on me.
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/24/2009 07:45:00 PM 5 comments


  1. Ugh! Hassle nga. When it rains, it's bagyo!

    At least you had a day of no driving = rest? hehehe....doubt it.

    Have a stress free week...[we can dream, right?]


  2. Being car-less might do you some good in a way. You won't be too stressed with the horrific traffic! You can just take a cab and sit in the comfort of being driven, granting you hail a decent and fairly new one!

    Anyways, hope your car gets fixed soon and with no added charges!

  3. @ huling: i don't understand the meaning of "stress-free". san ba nabibili yon?!

    @ sheng: was more stressed with daughter # 4's driving!!!!

  4. Sa 'dreamland'....san pa kaya? I just heard about it so di ako sigurdo.


  5. nabangga na din ako last summer by a red ford lynx. hassle sobra. he paid me via bank though.

    Also, a few years back, a taxi naman. walang pang bayad so kinuha ko cellphone as collateral kasi IOU note lang. Ayun, hindi na nagpakita. buti may cellphone pang kapalit kesa wala...

    to everyone. hinay-hinay lang sa pagmamaneho. Anu ba naman ang 5 minute delay versus the 1 hour hassle.

    stay cool everyone


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