Saturday, August 29, 2009

It was girls night out last night. Not my girls as in "daughters" but my girls as in "friends". After planning and re-planning, my 3 girlfriends and I finally reached a conclusion to a Friday-night out. The timing has to be perfect for we have family commitments that have to be delegated to others for us to be able to go out and get crazy. The four of us decided to leave for an early dinner. As the designated driver, I picked up the three others as we all live in the same village. I picked up Beth first as her house fronts my back garage. I picked up Tess second as I'd pass her house first to pick the 4th member of the four-feeling-young-wannabes, Eva.

Tess was the friend I rushed to the ER about 10 months ago. She fractured a vertebra and had to wear a real stiff body brace for 6 months. She still wears the brace when she has to go out for work and "recreation" though. She was stiff from the chest down to the waistline as she climbs up my car. Eva and Tess were at the back seats while Beth was in front. Since I was picking up daughter #2 later that night, I brought the van instead of the car. Tess was having a hard time with the van's uber deep recline that she asked Eva to get the small pillow at the back of the van. Eva can't reach the pillow, which is less than a 2 feet away, because of a "frozen shoulder". I had to stop the van and get the pillow my self for my front passenger, Beth, can't readily climb out of the van because of her chronic back pain!

Gosh! Going out with these "old ones" was one frenetic experience! So, we reached Greenbelt 5 and decided to eat at Chilli's for a younger and more hip vibe. As usual, we ordered a lot - two appetizers and four main dishes - one for each. The nachos we ordered was refillable and I swear our waiter can't believe how much we eat! My friends actually said that I lost a lot of weight which kinda pushed to eat way, way more than usual.

"What did you do to lose so much weight in just a few months?", asked Beth.

"Oh, I got myself a mini stroke and spondylosis which forced me to change my diet." I answered. But! I'd definitely NOT recommend it as a best weight loss program. Hahahaha.

Stuffed and puffed, Eva had to excuse herself to go to the restroom for her insulin shot. After paying the bill, we walked for a bit, window-shopped a bit, then decided to treat ourselves to coffee and desserts. I almost forgot to pick up daughter #2 as my friends and I never stopped talking and eating. I ate too much, talked too much, and came home late last night, or may I say, early this morning! Now, I have a queezy tummy. Too much nachos and blueberry cheese cake last night.
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/29/2009 09:39:00 AM 2 comments


  1. Even a girls' night out is not free of stress ah. At least you got to unwind kahit paano....nasobrahan nga lang sa nachos at cheesecake.


  2. I think you'll always be a carer wherever you go! But like what J said, at least you got to let loose for a while. It's always nice to go out with friends every now and then.


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