Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On a normal week night, there are usually three laptops and one desktop simultaneously online. The desk top would be me, and the three laptops would be daughters 2,3 and 4. On weekends, there could be as many as five laptops and a desktop online. If some of my kids' friends drop by, there could be as many as eight laptops all vying for a good signal from my wireless router. My first ever wireless router was store bought. At that time routers were pretty expensive. My second router was provided by my broadband provider. The company could have thought that I deserve a free wireless router since I was paying quite a sum for a residential connection. My connection is quite fast for a broadband. Speed tests show internet speed of 1.5 MB to 2.5 MB. I even had to put a password on my wireless connection for fear that my neighbors are riding on my wifi! But! All is not well. There are times that the laptops barely get signals whereas my desktop ( the one directly connected to the router) enjoys maximum speed. It is the router that is at fault, right? I had steadier and stronger wifi signal with my old Linksys router. I think it would be best to use it again.
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/18/2009 10:34:00 PM 5 comments


  1. sounds like an internet cafe to me. Have you ever thot of charging them fee? lol

  2. @ maricris: oh yes! but they just ignored me. :)

  3. wow! u must have it real fast!

  4. Yeah, linksys is good. That's what my sisters got at home.

    Anyways, yeah you're right . . . that was the same church where the stalking happened! lol! And sometimes at the pool, when I happened to drop by while he was prcticing! Hahaha! But that was so ages ago! Though I wouldn't mind doing it again! LOL!

  5. @ nancy: the speed sometimes hit the 3-4 Mb at dawn.i know because my nocturnal son told me.

    @ sheng: lol!! grabe. next time you're here i'll invite the two of you together, kasama mga girls ko para hindi obvious!!! kaya lang baka sumama si butanding!!!! i am so bad!


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