Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My son has not been coming home on a regular basis on weekends for the past month. He says he has tons of work to do and can't afford to come home. I asked him why he can't do his work at home and he answered that he needs the library for his research material. Well I retorted that he can actually make use of his "moldy" library card to borrow the books he needs, take them home and do his paper! He had no answer for that.

My mom-radar is tingling! Something is "going on". I smell something fishy. So I snooped and played detective. Aha! My son has a crush! My girls got excited too and snooped with me - clicking from one social networking site to another in the hope of stumbling on a high resolution picture of "the girl". I asked my son about this and he said that he and "the girl" are just "dating". "Dating as in what activity?" I asked with eyes a-goggled! "Oh you know... we went to an electronics shop the other weekend and looked for some stuff for my laptop." Oh! That kind of dating. Very well. I'll just digest the fact that my son has a "love interest" later...much later... as in never?!
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/26/2009 08:26:00 AM 11 comments


  1. why do moms always panic about their son's lovelife? Hehehe. Both you and my mom's got a very nice radar!

  2. whoa, stories like this make me wonder if my parents' dislike for computers is a good thing! hahaha

  3. @ domjullian: ay ganun talaga mga moms... ayaw ng competition for her baby boy! hope my son doesn't get to read this.

    @ eMZ: i will be-friend your parents and teach them my evil ways! bwahahhaha...

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  5. What fun to have with your girls, spying on the brother! Poor kid is thinking "why couldn't I have brothers who told mom to knock it off!" lol

  6. It's only when I was working already that I learned that 'dating' [and being 'single] has a whole different meaning in the west. Mabuti inusisa mo kung 'anong klaseng dating'...hehehe

    Feeling mas possessive ka ba sa unico hijo mo kesa sa mga gels?


  7. @ vicki: yup! the girls and i are having fun on spying. the only ally my son has is his dad -which does not count - for i told my hubby that it's no good to encourage our son into having a relationship now. maybe when he's 35! lol

    @ huling: sabi nga ng anak ko " but mom, we're only dating" - kaya sagot ko "anong klaseng dating?! clarify!!!" - which kinda ticked my son off. lol

  8. Yeah, your question about what kind of "dating" was funny! I do feel sorry for his "girl" having to face 4 sisters and a mum, when time comes! You're really a cool Mum! I don't know what I'll do when mine go on that stage!

  9. @ sheng: ummm.. makaka-adjust ka rin. pero sa totoo lang mas mahirap tanggapin pag anak na lalaki ang may nililigawan. yong mga girls ko parang fiesta sa pag pintas dun sa girl.

  10. LOL...'parang fiesta sa pagpintas dun sa girl'....hahaha. Naku parang mga pamangkin ko...grabe mamintas sa mga manliligaw o sa mga nililigawan ng mga pinsan nila.

    Si Erica sabi nya I got married very early daw at 34 kasi naman sabi ng ama 40 ang marrying age...hahaha.


  11. @ huling: nampusa naman yang si michael oo!! 40 naman!!!! buhay pa kay tayo nun para mahawakan ang apo?!

    grabe! can't stop laughing... kasi my son asked me last week what the is the right age for him to have a steady gf. sabi ko 35!! lol. kamusta na lang kay pare.


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