Friday, August 21, 2009

I was at the doctor two days ago for an emergency consult. I have been feeling some tingling sensation on the whole left side of my body that made me concern.Well, panic actually, as it was the same pin-prick sensation that I felt when I had my mild stroke. So! I was off to the doctor at the speed of light. I was number three in the list so I took out my magazine and started to read. One article about saving money caught my attention. It says the clutter you make in your house has an effect on your money-making ability. Hmmm... yeah!

The article further read that according to feng shui or Chinese geomancy, the left side corner of your house as you view it from the main entrance is the money-making room in the house. There was no need for me to check what that room is in my house. Yes! It's my work area where I have my computer and drafting table and the one I'm in right now as I type this article. And Yes! It's so full of clutter that my head spins whenever I look at it. I guess it's really time to de-clutter, feng shui or no feng shui. But first, I need to get some real big cardboard moving boxes. I would be needing large packing boxes and maybe some wardrobe boxes too to really clean up my space. Good Luck to me! BTW, the doctor said I'm fine, just tired.
Posted by desperateblogger On 8/21/2009 09:21:00 AM 5 comments


  1. So? What did the doctor say? Oks ka lang? I hope so...

    Take it, Friday na naman....hay...


  2. @ huling: he said i'm just fatigue and stressed out. i need to throw out all my worries. ooppss! is that my hubby i just threw out the window? lol

  3. hahaha, ako ay natawa sa reply mo sa Tukayo ko.

    ano ba naman kasi at nakaka-stress ang buhay.

    paano money making ang left side corner of our house eh, that is our bedroom. hindi yata na feng shui itong bahay namin.

    hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  4. hahahaha....ano, pinulot mo ba ulit matapos mong iitsa sa bintana? LOL! Ay naku minsan din gusto kong iitsa sa bintana tong akin. Kakulit kasi minsan....

    Inhale, exhale...


  5. @ juliana: my house was not designed with reference to feng shui. nagkataon lang yon. lalo na place mo. e mga kano gumawa nyan e di lalo ng walang feng shui yan at yong ora-plata-mata ng pinoy! sa totoo lang. there are a lot of clients now who get the services of a feng shui master(?) before having their residences planned by the architect. mostly, in conflict yong feng shui sa architectural principles! nakakasakit ng ulo!!!

    @ huling: ay! nakalimutan ko na damputin. hayaan mo na. mukhang happy naman sa labas eh! lol


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