Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It has been raining on and off for the past month. The rainy season in the Philippines is progressively coming in earlier each year. If this keeps up, the rainy season might fall during the official summer months this part of the world - March to May. Wouldn't that be something?!

I don't hate the rain. It is the rain that fills up our dams for our water and electricity. It is the rain that fills up the rivers and streams that help in irrigating our crops and plants. It is the rain that clears the smog and pollution evident in our cities. It is the rain that brings freshness and coolness to our mostly hot and humid weather. However, if the rain does not let up, too much of it causes flooding. Flooding drowns our crops and plants and sometimes, people too. Too much rain causes heavy traffic which in turn brings havoc to commuters. Many gets stranded in impossible-to-comprehend-and-untangle traffic jams which in turn cause waste of gasoline, time and undue stress to parents waiting for their kids to get home. Too much rain causes my laundry woman to swear and tsk-tsk interchangeably to the yet wet clothes that she washed and hung to dry two days ago. Tomorrow is a new day. As I see it, it is the day I finally succumb to the rain and bring all our dirty clothes to the dry cleaner.
Posted by desperateblogger On 6/17/2009 09:59:00 PM 7 comments


  1. Here it hasn't been raining for the last 2 or 3 weeks. It stopped raining daily right after we planted the trees.....sus. Now I have to water them daily.


  2. hahaha si Huling nagmamakaawa na sa ulan. dito din, maulan. the husband is of again the next 2 days, and we are looking at a rainy four days. grabe, walang patawad.

  3. I just like staying at home when it rains ; )

  4. it's the season to make amoy kulob our clothes.hehe!

  5. @ huling: how ironic. siguro dapat magtanim din ako ng more plants and trees to stop the daily downpour.

    @ juliana: kaya nga... hahaha nahihirapan na sa pagdidilig tsaka siguro maalikabok na sa house nya kasi unpaved pa yong mga roads sa place nila. sinisipon na nga ako eh-- uulan--aaraw

    @ jeng: oh how i wish i could just do that too!

    @ emz: sa totoo lang, nagalit si hubby kasi mabaho daw shirts nya. sabi ko either buy me a clothes' dryer or stop complaining.

  6. The weather everywhere seems to be getting peculiar. Australia is getting some weird ones too.

    We are thinking of going home, and I am hoping it won't rain that much when we are there, so we can enjoy!

    Hope the sun shines on you soon!

  7. @ sheng: we just have to meet when you come over here in Manila!!!


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