Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today is Fathers Day. It would have been great pleasure and joy for me to greet my papa. However, I could not for he has left this ( sometimes ) cruel world for a better place. I could have opted to greet my father-in-law but he is in a better place too. Well, the next best person to greet is the father of my children ( sorry but my mind refuses to acknowledge the phrase my husband). But how could I happily greet him "Happy Fathers Day" when he told me yesterday that he has no obligation what-so-ever to help me buy my medications? Yes. I was forced to ask for monetary help for I ran short of cash. My van needed new disc brakes, the fence needed mending - thanks to the mango tree that fell on the fence yet was not righted for he refused to cut the fallen part- , the galvanized iron roof is rusting and needed replacement, my son needed new eye glasses - a lot of expenses in a week that I paid for. With no other extra income in the offing (not much opps too since google took my PR3 and have not returned it even as I type)- I was strapped for cash.

Top cut a long story shorter, my girls said they will shoulder my medications. I hate to ask money from them since they're not earning big bucks yet. What puzzles them though is the fact that the only one asking for allowance from Mr. No Obligation is my son. That alone saves their father a whooping 24,000 PHP a month. Where's the freaking extra money?! So! No sob story here - just the same recurring theme told in a different angle and circumstance.

In times like this, I sincerely miss my father as I have no one to act as my knight in shining armor. All my uncles on mama's and papa's side are all gone too...oh! except for an eccentric uncle on papa's side who is childless anyway. I have no other sibling but a younger brother who lives with his family in NJ. So, to you my brother, and to all deserving fathers out there... Happy Fathers Day!

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Posted by desperateblogger On 6/21/2009 11:58:00 AM 11 comments


  1. I pray that everything works out for you soon!

    "Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." (Philemon 1:3)

  2. i clicked the link but it always hang.

    Strong post (very).
    Hey July 19 2:30pm. Julia's Birthday! Save the date!

  3. Why oh why? Pano na lang yung in sickness and in health? Hay...naalala ko tuloy yung kwento mo tungkol sa aircon....

    Don't stress much...mahirap na at baka ka lalong magkasakit. Teka...baket ikaw lahat nagbabayad ng lahat fence, iron roof....di ba dapat sya? Or at least paghatian? Naman...

    O siya....hopefully, maraming opps ang lumpagpak sa kandungan mo kahit bokya kay Big G!


  4. @ anonymous: where's the party? the link works.

    @ huling: it has always been that way... i pay for all the home repairs and improvement.if i don't make the effort, bulok na siguro house namin. anyway my kids say that may tililing na daw kaya pag pasensyahan na lang daw.

  5. @ allykat: thanks for the prayers.

  6. Oh my! I can't believe such people even exist! I pray for things to become better for you, too. Just hang in there. :)

    Is CrashCrate ok? =)

  7. Every time I read a post about fathers, I can't help but recall how my father had to endure almost everything just to raise our family. Today, he is no longer able to work. Oftentimes, he pities himself for feeling that he is being no longer of much help to us, his children, who, in the midst of the difficulties of financing our studies, are far from giving up.

    I've learned he wept just the other week, perhaps taken over by the thought, as it has usually been the case, that he is no longer the "same" father to his children just like the years gone by. The thought made my heart melt like butter cast upon burning steel.

    If I can, I'll treat him like each day is his day, father's day, despite knowing that, for giving me my life, all my efforts will still not be enough to repay what he has done for us all his life.

  8. Sad to know that you have always been THE ONE who pays for everything. Sad with the fact that you, as the wife should be emotionally supporting the ONE who is suppose to be providing for the family; not the other way around. I guess you're not getting that either.

    I pray that things will turn around for the better, so you can somehow enjoy the hard work you have been doing for years! You're lucky having such responsible and caring kids who are and will always be there for you!

    We might be home soon and I will surely see to it to meet you! Please email me your contact number so I can call you when we get there!

    Take care, te Lena and God bless!

  9. @ splice and sheng: ok now. i've composed myself after a good bawl.

    splice, i didn't know about your father. i've always wanted to ask why you were the one supporting yourself at such a young age. your father is so lucky to have a son like you as you are lucky too in having a father who laments, in spite of his condition, that he cannot support his family. hats off, attorney!

    @ sheng: thanks for the concern and prayers. i don't have your email add so maybe you can email me instead so i could send you my number.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. oh my, I'm now getting more sad. why oh why??? but anyway, you're lucky that you have caring children.

    I hope that things will get better. Take care!


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