Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My page rank, that is. What's with google lately? It has been giving PRs left and right and then a few days later (for some, a few hours later), the PRs are stripped down! I lost my PR 3 on this blog in March. Today, I lost my PR 2 in my other blog. My two blogs are officially PR O. I just don't get it. How does google do the math and stats in order to give out PRs to websites? Gosh! I have read blogs with PR 4 and those same blogs do not even merit a PR1. I know of some blogs that definitely merit a PR but don't have one for that matter. So! I hope google is happy that it has stripped me of my extra "bread and butter." For a company that rakes millions in a day, it sure is stingy. What will google do next time I wonder? I wonder if the good company would be willing to send me at least $200 a month for my medications.
Posted by desperateblogger On 6/09/2009 10:47:00 PM 9 comments


  1. wow grabe naman. bigla tuloy ako napacheck ng PR sa mga sites ko. buti na lang ganun pa din. natatakot ako...baka ako na susunod.

  2. I no longer pay attention to PR's. Maiinis lang ako. They come and go.

  3. PR is crucial in getting proper paid reviews, but google hates them apparently. i understand that it's very tricky and be quite troublesome for some.

    altho i only do reviews sparingly, but it's also probably why my PR didn't go up and it's been at least 7months old.

  4. @ cherry: ewan ko ba1 galit yata is pareng google sa akin e.

    @ juliana: precisely! btw, you and your tukayo are those blogs i mentioned that are not so deserving to be PR-less

    @ eMz: no one will be spared by google in the long run. enjoy your PR while you can.

  5. Ha? Ano yun? Public Relations? Aatakihin lang ako sa puso kung iintindihin ko ang PR. Basta blog lang ako ng blog pag masipag.....

    Nagsusulat ka ba for Linkworth? Meron dun kahit paunti unti.....


  6. @ hulling: PR = 0 lol! i think i'm with linkworth but have not checked the site for a long time. teka nga matingnan.

  7. hay naku, bahala na si batman. like I said, I feel immuned na sa PR na patay sindi hehe.

  8. oo nga, minsan marami rin sa linkworth. minsan 3 in one day. tsaka sa loudlaunch marami rin.

  9. HI Ma'am Lena,
    Remember me? Renz here :)

    No one knows the exact algorithm on how google ranks the blogs as well as how google ranks the websites that would come out on their search result page (SERP).

    One thing for sure is that the usability of your content to Google's searches. Plus the "good" links on your site. THese good links should have relevance on your blog too. Photos are great too when it's file name is google friendly---when the photo is about a donut, make the file name donutphoto.jpg instead of the usual 156456pic.jpg because google bots can't read photos so they take file names instead. :)

    Whew. I hope I made sense.


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