Saturday, June 6, 2009

On June 9, classes start for my son. The only problem is he is still not enrolled. It's not because of financial reasons but more on the low-techness of the supposedly high-tech online enrollment of his university.

The online preenlistment of subjects for incoming juniors were supposed to have started first week of May. That did not happen so the first batch of preenlistment was two weeks late. The first batch run yielded 3 enlisted subjects for my son. Yey!- four more subjects and my son's 20 unit-load for the semester would be filled. The second batch run failed! All the enlisted subjects in the second batch run was canceled. The site was down for a day and during down time an internal batch run happened giving my son another subject. Yey! - three more subjects to go.

The online preenlistment closed and students have to wearily trod back to the campus to enlist and enroll manually. The first day of manual enlistment was for freshies and graduating students. The second day was open to all levels and miracle of miracles, my son was able to enlist his three remaining subjects. When it was time for him to validate his subjects, power failure happened. It was raining that day and somehow a freak tornado hit one of the surrounding areas of the university and some big-old trees fell on some small-old houses. Since the houses were not steel buildings but only made of inferior wood, they fell bringing down with them power lines and phone lines. Thus! All enrollment procedures were halted. Another day lost. Come Monday, my son will once again brave the long lines of assessment and payment windows and hopefully be officially enrolled by the end of the day.
Posted by desperateblogger On 6/06/2009 04:53:00 PM 8 comments


  1. i went there last friday.i think CRS is in trouble. may nakasingit ba naman na Filipino subject sa pre-enlistment pa ako ng staff na wag ipamigay ang log-in info ko... hello! bakit ko naman ipamimigay. btw, bukas or tuesday ako magbabayad. makikibalita muna kung kelan medyo konti na ang tao. baka magkita tayo sa pila lolz

  2. Classes were moved to the 16th of June as I've heard (and read via Inquirer).

    Me and Sheena are both in Diliman now. Hope we could meet one of these days. Just give Sheena a ring (or text?) in case you're in Diliman :)

  3. @ wena and splice: oh pareho na kayong nasa diliman baka naman hindi pa tayo magkita nyan. i'll be there surely on friday afternoon. by mid week i'm still not sure when kasi depends on when i'll pay for my son's tuition. basta text ko kayo pareho.

  4. basta this time magkikita na tayo, nararamdaman ko lolz. my classes schedule this sem would be on thursdays and saturdays. but can go there anytime matuloy lang tayo :)

  5. @ wena: sige. text na lang. there are saturdays that i'm there too. dapat tong si splice ang puntahan natin e. san kaya nakatira yan sa diliman?

  6. UP will not be UP without the enrollment blues.

  7. @ domjullian: hey! long time no comment!! UP's enrollment during my time sucked. 35 years late it still sucks!!

  8. we all have our own share of it. I got used to master ko cya when I was in third year.1st and 2nd year, hellish.


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