Friday, December 4, 2009

Just to prove that my kids, their friends and their friends are mature enough to handle themselves, I decided to go ahead and rent a mobile bar for the joint birthday celebration of D4 and my son.

I was overwhelmed by the people who came! I was expecting 20-25 people tops but about 60 came - 60 drunkards! The mobile bar served about 1,000 shots of different hard drinks. Hubby even bought additional cases of beer. D1 had to go back and forth to the grocery because we kept running out of food! In the end, everyone was gloriously tipsy or drunk (except for D2,D3,hubby, Ethan and I). The tipsy ones went home around 2:00 A.M. the drunks slept over.

D4 and my son

the mobile bar

first round

second round

3rd or 4th?

Can't really tell. The number of shots drank were not accurate anymore for the drinkees cannot even hold the pen much less write. It was a fun party! Downside? The house was a mess!!!
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/04/2009 10:01:00 AM 9 comments


  1. Wow, a mobile bar . . . no wonder it was a hit! Did you get pics of those drunken friends?!!!

    Might be seeing you again soon!

  2. haha! well, the ones who weren't drunk were not drunk because they were manning the kitchen! haha! but take note, 2 of the first ones to fall asleep and last to wake up were the ones who "got drunk" on yakult. PLAIN yakult. hahaha!

  3. That looks like fun, fun, fun. I'd probably be one of the first to go down if I was there. A sip will definitely make me tipsy....hahaha...

    I won't even ask, nah, I will...who cleaned up the mess??? And....why didn't you get drunk?


  4. @ huling: i can't get drunk because no one will oversee the "drinking" session. grabe! ang saya nila! ako hindi kasi ako na nagkagasta, ako pa nahirapan. i had 4 shots lang. i had 2 helpers then. my girls helped in the clean-up. D1 was tipsy but since she was on duty the following day she forced herself to "suka". lol... grabe.. ang dami pang na video na mga true confessions na mga lasing.

  5. masaya yan. magkano yan ganyan? parang ok sya sa new year's eve...=)

  6. wow. i must remember to get my husband a mobile bar someday. hehe. i've only recently learned the advantages of having drunkards for friends

  7. @ welly: let's have a shots bar on your wedding day. ang tagal!?

    @ cherry: ay ang saya. the price depends on your order. like in our case, all shots lang. the package was for 50 people. 9600. i think the minimum is for 30 pax which is set at 8k.

  8. sulit ba? parang mahal. marame na kaya yun 1000 shots. parang lalabas 20 shots per person. pwede na nga noh. give me naman contact details. =)

  9. @ cherry: ay hindi lang 1000 shots. sobra pa. kasi yong mag bwisita ko nag average ng 30 shots each kaya nga mga nalasing. the cp# is with yum. tulog na e. bukas na lang text ko sa yo.


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