Monday, October 5, 2009

If you are from Manila, the southern part specifically, I am sure you know or have heard of the water supply dilemma of BF Homes residents for the last 20 years or so. The subdivision's own water supply has long dried up and excavation attempts proved futile because of the very deep water level that has to be tapped in order to have water. Therefore, for the last two decades, water was delivered through private means to homes in BF. About ten years ago the Manila Water Works and Sewerage System, upgraded its system (and continues to do so) that free flowing water is now available in the South, my house included. However, the management of BF Homes refused the services of MWSS for reasons I cannot figure out - nor the homeowners of BF too. Anyway after years of petition and court decisions and so on, BF Homes is now being fitted with new pipes. I was shocked (not really) to find out that the old water pipes laid out in the late 60's were of asbestos! Nothing to be surprised of actually as it was only the 80's that Mesothelioma was assessed. The disease is a form of cancer for people exposed to asbestos. I am not even sure if we have Mesothelioma doctors here in Manila.
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  2. Hay....mem'ries...I can still remember how our clothes turned yellow because of that well water in the dorm we stayed in MS. Water was such a precious commodity when I was still there we had to pitch in just to have water all the time....

    How's life after Ondoy & Pepeng?


  3. Yikes! Katakot naman yan! Are they going to replace all the pipes then? Crazy!

  4. @ huling; thumb still in splint. namamaga pa rin kasi ayaw kong tigilan ang kaka-type!

    @ maricris: yes, mwss is replacing the pipes.


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