Friday, September 25, 2009

After almost a year of contemplating and thinking and consideration and all other thought-related activities, I have finally decided to get myself a netbook. It has come to point that if I wanted to earn money doing freelance, I need to bring my "office" with me. Since I take Ethan to and from school, and sometimes do a lot of "waiting" doing nothing, time is wasted.

There are times that when the kids and some of their friends are in the dining area tapping away in their laptops (after feeding!) I sort of feel left out as I tap the keyboard of my ancient desktop by my lonesome self in the basement.

I also subscribed to a wireless broadband so I can go online anytime, anywhere. The thing is my son took it with him. He said I just gave to get another one for he really needs the wireless. Anyway, I'm still adjusting to the small keyboard of my netbook I keep hitting = when I meant to hit -. I'm so wasting time doing a lot of backspacing. I guess it'd take time for me to adjust.

Anyway,I need to get me a new Custom usb drive. I own several, actually, but I seem to be always losing them. I need one that can sense that it's lost so it could send out a beep so I could locate it. Well, who knows? That could happen. The last USB I had has a storage capacity of 2Gb. I need a 4 Gb USB though. The "netbook" does not have a DVD player so there's no way I could watch a movie in it. But! I can download and save the movie or series to the USB so I can watch all by my lonesome self.
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