Tuesday, December 22, 2009

D2 was on her way to a Gymboree Christmas party when she got stuck in a horrendous traffic. D3 was in her clinic in Manila and decided to come home early too. My son was supposed to go to a Christmas party too but decided against it when he heard that it was traffic everywhere. That leaves D1 and D4 still at work somewhere in Makati.

I am left with a not-so-Christmas-sy feeling. A "very" close (in terms of affinity)relative has started rumors that D1 is spreading rumors about her. She was confined at the hospital where D1 works and during pre-op, D1 made the rounds and she was part of the roster of patients that D1 had to see. Let's call her B.

To cut short, B was operated on and that was that. We had no idea that B has been telling her surgeon that my daughter was unethical because D1 has been checking her records and telling everyone about her sickness. B didn't know that it was her daughter mini B who posted the news in Facebook. The thread has been erased but little techy me already saved a screenshot of the revealing thread, just in case.

I hate it when people tell lies. However, I think B needs another doctor, a psychiatrist. That B is one crazy B. If she was to apply to work in an office, she would need a major employee screening test.... for paranoia.

Anyway, Christmas is in two days. I have not done any shopping for I definitely have the "bah humbug!" syndrome. I heard that there will be no Christmas party at hubby's family's business. I guess they're in the "bah humbug!" phase too.
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/22/2009 02:31:00 PM 8 comments


  1. Hi Lena! You're not alone in that Bah Humbag syndrome. I am sooo lazy to move here nor do some shopping for Christmas. Sabi ko nga, lilipas din yan!

    With regards to that "spreading rumor" issue, why don't you tell straight to her face the truth. Para sya mapahiya ng sagad. he he..

    I have already posted our photos. Just copy paste na lang the ones you like.

    Have a Happy Holiday, Lena!

  2. Hey hey hey! Este Ho ho ho pala.....mewi kwismas! Dito no choice but ignore the bah humbug kasi little E is just too excited. In a few years I'm sure it won't be as exciting...

    Beeeyoootcchhh naman yung si B...sa kanya siguro nagmana si mini-b ano? Ang galing mo naman kasi you're able to save a screenshot of the thread. EBIDENSYA!!!

    Anyway, even if you're not in a not so Christmas-sy feeling....Merry Christmas pa din from our home to yours!

    Btw, I saw your pics with Ate Beng & Sheng during the meet-up! Hmmmmpppp.....inggit ako to the max. One of these days magkikita din tayo....ulit!


  3. @ beng: you know how there are some people who stick to what they want to believe no matter how you explain? yon!

    @ huling: e techy mom/grandmom nga e! lol. merry christmas friend.

  4. ang galing mo! that screenshot will come in handy pag nagkataon.

    people like B are everywhere. nagkalat sila, I just wish I have the power to melt them off the face of the earth.

    kahit ganun, I hope you enjoyed your noche buena.

    Haappy Holidays from the two of us to you and your family!

  5. Hi Te Lena! It was really great to see you again and catch up with family stuff! Tell D1 I wanna adopt Ethan! Kaiden said he loved hugging Ethan because he is sooo soft! Hahaha!

    Anyways, so that crazy B is still causing trouble. I hope your dear Hubby stand up for your darling daughter who is clearly innocent and was just doing her job! What does your other in-laws say? Surely they know what B is like and will likely to believe the opposite of her story.

    I hope and pray things will work out for your family, especially for D1's career. The awful truth will hopefully bite B's ass soon!

    I also hope that inspite of the 'family issue' you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  6. WoW! Sounds like more BAH than HUMBUG! Hope Christmas was a Merry one for you! Stopping by to offer Seasons Greetings and hoping that our blogs might work together in some form in the New Year of 2010!!

  7. Wee witchu a meri krismas [3x] and a hapi new year!

    Asan ka na? Anong plano sa nyu yir?

    Ala lang ....nakiki usyoso lang here as usual...


  8. @ juliana: thanks! i put the screenshot to good use.

    @ sheng: oh the in-laws were divided. grabe. in the end we all know that the truth will prevail. Take care Sheng. Hugs to Kayden.

    @ huling; wla kasing maid kaya pati pag greet ng merry christmas sa blog ko nakalimutan ko na. tapos nagka confrontation pa nun dec. 25. i wasn't present though. i guess my girls did a good job.:D


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