Friday, September 18, 2009

I want a massage! My body is so stiff I feel like an ironing board! The incidents that has happened the last couple of weeks have put a terrible strain on my aching back. Added to that, I fell from a chair while my son and I were fixing the router's new cable line. The router was located in the basement and its signal was hitting too many corners for me to get a decent signal in my bedroom.If I wanted a Wi-Fi signal in my bedroom,I had to fix it myself. I purposely did the task on a weekend so my son can help me reach the high spots for the cable.

There were three lines that we had to lengthen: the cable from the desktop to the router; the phone line from the phone jack to the router; the electrical cord from the router to the power supply. The last line was quite hard to do as a bit of wire splicing was called for. I didn't have a tin-based solder for my soldering gun so the splicing was out of the equation. I used an outlet extension instead. While I was busy hooking up things and wires and at the same time telling Ethan to get away from my stuff, the chair on which I was precariously standing on slipped and I fell. The loud commotion brought my son and daughter #3 - who were arguing in the second floor hallway on how to attach the router to the wall - down to the basement at the speed of light.

"What the fart mom?!" my son said.

"Mom! *eyeroll* " from daughter # 3.

"Mom! *asifhislifedependedonit*" from Ethan.

I was fine. I was just stressed out and tired and tired and stressed out. If only I could formulate my present angst and irks and quirks and make a pill out of them, the result would be one heck of a fat burner pill, the best fat burners ever!

I really need a massage.
Posted by desperateblogger On 9/18/2009 11:00:00 PM 4 comments


  1. Ay sus! Bat di mo naman kasi suot ang iyong kapa?

    Kamusta na si husband? Magaling na ba? Last week lang namin pinag uusapan ni M yung tungko dyan sa kidney stone. Mas masakit daw pag sa lalaki when passing kidney stones?

    O siya...wag ka ng tutuntong sa silya hane?


  2. @ huling: kaw naman para ka namang "others"... alam mo naman ako ang tatay at nanay at driver at maid ng bahay. ako na rin ang haligi at ilaw ng bahay, isama mo na rin bubong at dingding!

    si hubby? ba e di back to normal. hindi mahagilap.

  3. Isama na din natin ang pinto at bintana....hahaha....

    Di na ba mahagilap? Bat mo naman kasi hinahagilap....hehe...

    Teka...isa na lang ang nag aaral sa mga tsikiting mo [pwere kay Ethan]? Ang bilis ng panahon talaga....

    O sya...have a fruitful week....stress-free? make that less stressful kasi mas posible yun di ba?


  4. @ huling: isa na nga lang, jr nasa college. gusto pa yatang mag dr. ako ang yaya at driver ni ethan - a job i did not do for my own kids because i had drivers and a regimen of maids before. when ethan was born i got three maids and one was the yaya. naku e puro pasaway! so in a span of 3 years, tatlo ng tatlo kinukuha ko. nagsawa na rin ako at puro pasaway. so ngayon, isa na lang stay-in ko at isang stay-out na laundy woman. no more driver too.

    kaya heto, P-A-G-O-D ako lagi.


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