Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My hubby gave our children money for Christmas. How much? I am not really sure. It was customary for us to open gifts on Christmas Eve. It was a tradition I passed on to my children. You see, I put more emphasis on Christmas than on New Year. Christmas dinner is always scrumptious here in my house.

As my kids handed out their gifts to each other and to us (their parents), I apologize for not having the time to buy them gifts. They said "mom, you've been giving us gifts the whole year!", and I was spared. Ethan had a mountain of gifts from his aunts and uncle and from his classmates. D2 had a ton of gifts to open. She is a grammar school teacher and her students were quite generous.

As I said thanks for the gifts that I received, hubby pull out his wallet and handed out money to everyone, except to me and Ethan. I saw Ethan's eyes mist and his face crumple. I wanted to shoot hubby that very moment. D1 (Ethan's mommy) said "Dad! you forgot to give Ethan your gift!" To which Ethan replied " It's okay, it's okay. I have enough gifts." What could I have said? What could I have done? I obviously didn't want to mar Christmas eve with harsh words and I certainly don't want to languish in jail for the rest of my life.

On New Year's Eve day, hubby asked my son if he still needs a hard drive for his laptop. My son has been in constant search for the top among hard drives so he said yes. Hubby asked Ethan to tag along and I said to myself that finally hubby will buy Ethan a belated Christmas gift. When the three came home, we were all speechless (with envy?). Hubby decided that a hard drive was not good enough for our son. He bought our son a new laptop. I asked Ethan what hubby bought him. I was thinking a PS2, easily. Ethan looked at me and said "Nothing mom" and went straight to my bedroom.

My girls and I were stunned.
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/06/2010 08:53:00 AM 6 comments


  1. nge, bakit nga? just asking...wawa naman si ethan=(

  2. @ cherry: ewan ko ba. labo noh?!

  3. Labo nga! So why did he ask Ethan to tag along? For company? :( Nalungkot naman ako for Ethan...but I admire him on how he handled both situations. Yung ibang bata baka nagkakasat na sa semento pag ganun nangyari sa kanila...heck, magkakakasat ako sa semento pag sa kin nangyari yan....


  4. naku, kawawa naman si Ethan, walang gift from lolo...bakit naman kaya?

    I hope you had a good start of the new year Lena!

    Debbie :)

  5. @ huling: ewan ko ba! hindi ko kaya isipan and reason. anyway, buti na lang ,mataas EQ ni Ethan. hope your new year has started out fine.

    @debbie: happy new year! wala akong sagot sa question mo eh. i just hope and pray that everything works out fine for all. hugs to the boys, dana included!

  6. Hello Ate Lena! Ngayon lang ako nakadalaw ulit. Been busy after the Husband came back till he left again.

    Anyways, that was sad. I feel so sorry for cutie Ethan! He's so young and too cute to experience disappointment like that. Any other child would of course expect something!

    I would not dare ask why, as I have read that you have no answer.

    I'm with you in hoping and praying for the best!

    God bless!


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