Sunday, January 3, 2010

It is 2010! New Year's eve passed without much funfare. I have grown tired of preparing so much food on New Year's eve and then having no one eat the food because it's midnight and "no one" in his right mind eats less than three hours before going to sleep. So for the last five years, I have been preparing New Year's eve dinner.

Things have changed a lot. Gone are the days when you can't see 10 feet infront of you because of thick smoke from the firecrackers. Gone are the days when New Year revelers are out on the street dancing to live or feed music. Gone are the days when my kids and I visit neighbors right after midnight. The signs of time made family traditions take a back seat.

In reality, I didn't even want to cook or prepare for New Year's eve. I think I have grown tired of the whole shebang. I would have preferred to be alone with nary a care of what the heck my family will eat for New Year's Eve dinner. However, I cannot do that. Jaded as I am with all the commercialism that the holiday season brings, there's still 7-year old Ethan to think of. For him, the holidays were magical and I certainly cannot rain on his parade.

For the Chinese, 2010 is the year of the tiger. I wonder what impact that tiger has on me, not that I believe. Anyway, the year starts with me listing the insurances and health cards that need to be renewed. I have an accident insurance that I'd like to convert to a life insurance. I guess I better get some life insurance quotes for comparison.

Happy New Year to you all! May the year 2010 brings good health, joy, peace and prosperity.
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/03/2010 07:47:00 AM 3 comments


  1. Ate Lena! I do hope and pray that 2010 will bring you better, if not the best out of what 2009 had brought you. The same wish goes out to your lovely family!

    So the crazy B (bruha/bitch?) is lurking around here?!!! Hindi pa rin tapos? Isn't she tired of all the negativity her actions are bringing to the whole family? Well, she'll know how you are loved by many people around the world! That will make her envy you more!

    Take care dear! Dito lang ako/kami if you need anything!

  2. @ sheng: thanks dear. you're such a sweetie talaga. hayaan mo na lang silang mag lurk and snoop. i just pray that everything works out for the best for all of us! Ethan asked to be taken to Kaiden's house. sabi ko it's in australia and he answered "so?" kala yata sakay lang ng jeep na sa australia na kami.

  3. And to second Ethan: 'so????' Get on your sleigh and fly [down under?] to Australia! You want to borrow my sleigh? It's still in the garage....

    Abg Pasko ata talaga pambata lang....I don't look forward to it anymore as much as I used to when I was younger ~ maybe it has something to do with my location as well. Kung wala kaming anak siguro hindi kami mag pa Pasko dito. It's just not the same...

    Oh well...tapos na. Next!



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