Friday, January 22, 2010

Repairs and slight renovations have been ongoing in my house since my refrigerator burnt. The revamped kitchen and spiffing new ref made me think that the utility room is a bit shabby. So, the utility room was repainted. The storage cabinets were emptied of long-ago-circa-1980s relics and my laundry woman had a field day lugging home bags of melamine goodies. When the utility room was revamped, I thought that the basement needed a make-over too! It's my work place and it sure could do some cleaning and tidying up. The tidyng up went so far as I (actually, Oca and Bitoy) took out one of the French windows and placed glass blocks instead. Wow!- the light shown through and the shabbiness of the walls became evident. "Repaint the walls!" said I to Oca and Bitoy. And they did.

I had to clear my workplace with the trash that had accumulated for ahh.... ummm...15 years?! I had to let go of D1's grade 6 test papers (Huling! hahaha,I saw a test paper in Math.) I had to let go of my son's kindergarten writing tablet. I had to decide whether to throw out all the old notebooks of my kids or what. The "pain" was too much to bear that again,I had to call my laundry woman to finish the tidying up. Again, my laundry woman skipped merrily home (3 times I think) as she took home hordes of old clothes, toys and bags.

The basement is so nice and clean and comfortable, my son decided that he'd hang out in the "den" when he's home. Currently, my drafting table has been folded to make room for a sofa bed for Ethan and my son as they "hang out" in the basement. I even looked at some lighting fixtures from Dolan Designs in case there's a need to change the old ones.

I can view the garden from the basement. I decided that since the road outside is up by 2 feet (due to the upgrading of the road) there's an immediate need to make my perimeter fence higher. The work has been ongoing. I also decided to revisit the existing drainage to upgrade it to the level of the new road. The work is just too much! However while Oca and Bitoy are still at it, I think the fish pond needs a revamp too. The Kois are feeling left out.
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/22/2010 10:40:00 AM 3 comments


  1. Hahaha....frame mo yung test papers....haha. Alam mo ako naman ngayon ang nag iipon ng kutik kutik nitong bata dito. Aba eh di ko maitapon yung mga doodles nya....nilalagay ko talaga sa folders...sus...

    Neverending pala ang renovations mo may 'den' ka bigla? Yung 2 boys mo...laging nakadikit sa buntot mo noh? Btw hi-way, kamusta yung syuta ni Son mo? Kapit tuko pa din ba?


  2. pag inumpisahan mo, tuloy tuloy na yan. kaya ako, ayoko umpisahan kase wala akong pangtuloy...hehe

  3. @ huling: hanep oo, nagpahaba pa yata ng kuko para lalong tumindi ang kapit! pag pray na lang natin na sana mabali kuko para makawala na anak ko. sige good luck sa pagtago ng mga stufves (plural of stuff, change f to v and add es, db?!)ni daughter dear mo.

    @ cherry: ano bang pangtuloy. utik-utik nga e. kung marami ako xtra e di iba na sana house ko. hehehe


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