Monday, March 8, 2010

I am so saturated with the campaign jingles and celebrity spiels of candidate endorsers that I want to barf! A presidential candidate's jingle would probably be in the TOP 40 as every kid around the block(except Ethan) keeps on singing (or rapping?) the dang jingle. The campaign ditty starts with a question "Lumangoy ka na ba sa ilog ng basura?" of which the literal translation would be "Have you swam in a river full of trash?". You can take the question literally or figuratively, but if you ask me, both applies.

Another presidentiable's slogan or thrust in case he wins is that he will never ever steal from the public. So I say, haha. That's old news as that empty promise has been said a million times before. Then there's this presidentiable who claims that during his term (as president) nothing untoward had happened which is quite an insipid statement for it was during his term that EDSA 2 transpired!

What is really irritating is the municipality where I live in was able to source our (daugthers and I) mobile phone numbers from our provider. Since the town's incumbent is in his 2nd bid, his campaign strategy is to spam our mobile phones with his daily schedule.

I can turn off my new Samsung HDTV (the one I bought last month) and stop listening to all the national candidate's crap but I can't turn off my mobile phone just so I won't get a detailed daily sched of the town's mayor. I did the next best thing. I asked the texter if he/she could be my textmate. No answer.
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/08/2010 07:59:00 AM 5 comments


  1. Ay naku...buti na lang dito tapos na yan. Yung bata dito na memorize yung mga slogan ng mga presidentiables during the last election.

    Haha nga dapat ang isagot sa mga nagsasabing hindi sila mangungurakot.

    Magandang araw po! Katatapos lang mamigay ng awards ni Oscar....tulog na ko....



  2. @ huling: ay!hindi na ko napanood ng live. took ethan to devped and i'm so happy and thankful that ethan's reading ability is at level with his age! Praise God! sabi ni doc, his brain's wirings are starting to connect na! whoopdidoo!!!

  3. Wooo hoooo! Praise YOU as well. Congrats to Ethan! The best things are yet to come!


  4. Hi! So far I've been spared the hard sell campaigns or the annoyance of blaring jingles, but I know how persistent campaign songs can be. The ones from the '80s have followed me into adulthood, lol. Ex. Butz, Butz, Butz Aquino, kapatid ni Ninoy, kapatid ng bawat Pilipino or Sha-sha-sha, si Letty Ramos Sha... lol

    It was a pleasure meeting you last Thursday :)

  5. Hello Ate Lena! I do hate election time there as my ears get sick hearing jingles from candidates! And I try to avoid going home during that time. And I admit some songs stays on my mind in a very annoying way.

    Anyways, good to know that Ethan's reading ability is doing great. He is a very smart kid so he'll surely do well in everything. ANd with you by his side, nothing could go wrong. Please hug him tight for me!


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